I just wanted to talk about something that I did last night that has given great results. I never did this because I didnt want to be like one those flakey new age people. I’ve been feeling out of wack for awhile. No matter what I did I WAS ALWAYS drained and tired. I bought a crystal the other day The kind thats flat on one end and pointed on the other. I aligned my chakras last night with a meditation on you tube. Takeing the pointed part of the crystal and spining clockwise on the 7 chakras. I woke up today and feel great. The whole crystal and Chakra thing is new to me. How often do you align your chakras? I saw something with puting the different stones on the corresponding chakras. Has anyone ever heard of this? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

I do a chakra working every day while I am mediating. The chakras are great, but the path they make through your body is even better :slight_smile:

Along with stone you.could try wearing the corresponding color of a chakra that you wish to work with throughout the day. If you have a blockage in your root chakra you.could wear a red shirt while working on clearing the blockage. They respond well to their associated colors.

I do it usually a couple times a week, sometimes more or less depending.

Yes I’ve seen several people use crystals with chakra work, usually in the form of a pendulum type tool, but sometimes plain stones or in crystal wands, etc.

Why do u start to get blockages in ur chakras? I’ve had a lot of witchcraft thrown at me my whole life. I’ve cleaned my self but never balanced my chakras. I figured that’s why I needed it.

A few observations.

Blockages can be caused by various things. Sickness, emotional disturbances, adapting to major life changes, etc.

A common one is overcompensation where a chakra is over active, channeling energy to solve an issue. The problem is that it may prevent balanced prana flow through other chakras. Or the prana may get stuck in a chakra pattern that was useful in the past, but no longer serves you.

The Chakra that usually needs clearing more often is the Solar Plexus -
governs the liver - and clogs when one is Angry.

A good link:

THE CHAKRAS - Astra Mate

For what it’s worth, you did exactly what I was trained to do in several different trainings for shamanic & crystal healing. :slight_smile:

I also trained in placing different crystals on different chakras, a whole bunch of stuff. There are a lot of sites about crystal healing and they give an overview of using different types of crystals for each chakra, and then with time you develop intuition about what’s best for any one situation, and that’s when it goes a bit outside the books.

Things I’ve personally worked on and the person reported lasting improvement, up to a 3-month follow-up, are impotence (no, really!), inability to quit smoking, phobic fear of being alone in their own home, and a range of other things where the cause is at least partially psychological and spiritual. It won’t fix a broken leg but it might help someone who keeps breaking bones discover why, and get back in balance. HTH!

Wow I just thought to do that with the crustal. it had a point so I said i have to make it spin so I’m going to twist it with the crystal. I held it in my hand and said. I’m eraseing you unlearn what you learened, THEN I SAID you are for tuning my chakras. I learned that from you tube. I feel great though, Did you use the pendulum to check the chakras?

Yes, pendulum or feel - you can sense the energy with your hands, and the point of training is more to trust what you’re feeling, because you feel for example a major irregularity in a woman’s reproductive chakra and then you find out she had a traumatic cesearaen section or something, so the prupose of practice is to understand how what you dowse or feel in your fingertips relates the person’s problems.

like I said. t I wish I wasnt so close minded. I wish I did this years ago.

Just keep in mind to go with the direction that your chakra’s easily rotate, I find it difficult to focus when trying to make them go clockwise, but they seem to rotate counterclockwise with little prompting.

btw, anybody have any Idea why chakras would spin widdershins?

I have none, but it does happen with some people. Using a counter-clockwise motion expels energy (in the majority of people) for whatever that contributes.

No such thing as a textbook human with standardised energy and stuff. :slight_smile:

Edit to add: crystal healing has a really fluff-bunny reputation and does indeed attract people who don’t seem all that credible, but the method works very well - I’d go so far as to say it attracts fluffies precisely because it’s actually so effective, that even a flaky person can get good results.

But you can be doing the most hardcore black magick imaginable, and still benefit from learning about it, and maybe acquiring a small toolkit of crystals.

i want to work on this also.drop any info,technique,crystals,stones,that they’re effective for cleansing,balance,charge the chakras…i’m bookmarking this thread…

I like my chakras. Spinning and cleaning/polishing them every day at least once (minus a week a while back) has made a stupendously massive difference in my ability to regroup and focus. Particularly emotionally. Initially my 3 lower and ajna were…sludgy a lot. It was exhausting making those suckers go while maintaining relaxation. And then, one day it occurred to me to inform myself at the end of each trance that I would emerge relaxed and energized (like at the end of my hypnobabies sessions). Magic!

When my clients begin to mutiny, whine, or threaten to find a new service provider (fortunately, impossible in my current line of work) and I feel that vile crushing tightness in my chest and throat that used to precede a panic attack and whiteout, or the hot nausea before a flashback, I force the energy centers to twirl and then take a deep breath. I always received advice to “just breathe,” or “take a deep breath,” or (least favorite of all time) “count to ten” at a time where/when it was impossible and my enraged or terrified brain was lying there twitching, unable to prioritize anything. Observing me turn looney from a corner of the ceiling and wondering what good a mentally bonkers psychologist could possibly do her paying customers was rather discouraging and mildly horrible. Too bad my university was religious, I suppose.

Then, I found more nerd fodder on the 12 chakra system and that is even more enjoyably mindbending. Of course, healing 30 years of self-destruction is slow going, but its effective with the right tools. Actually, it fucking wonderful having any tools. And fun to experiment. Closing and opening circuits. I wondered a few months ago what the effect would be while immersed in hot hot hot water, (since it conducts electrical current so nicely, and steam has significantly more heat energy than water). The effect pleases me greatly when the scorching pain is just bareable. Makes evocation, scrying, or spirit communication quite splendid with all the steam swirls and billows, and streaming geometric tile patterns, water sounds, and fractured light pouring in from the window. Adding appropriate essential oils appear to make the experience particularly vivid. Maybe though, I’m slowly going off the deep end, but in a pleasant way. Its been 4 full months of what I suspected normal people must feel like regularly and I dearly love it. Do I have more fun vibrating mantras (and then some,) than the ones belting out opera or showtunes in the shower? Pretty sure I do. :slight_smile:

Doing work in regard to kundalini meditation has been a part of every descent lodge I have been a part of. Their are a few good reasons for it. Some deeper than others.

The first good thing is that you are raising your personal energy. This energy can be applied to sorcerous goals and desires through will and intent. It will fuel your body as it begins to fuel your subtle energy bodies. As above so below. :wink:

These chakras are also levels of conscious perception or consciousness. So as you raise this kundalini energy through what is called (“Do Mar and DeHak” from my own personal current.) the Nadhis, you are also raising your level of consciousness. It is my belief that one must raise consciousness beyond the 3-D realm into the realm of the heart if that makes sense. When this is accomplished your sorcery and magick seems to take on a whole new level of “Holy shit”! This is why I believe kundalini meditation is at the foundation of many Magickal schools in some expression and or variation. Then comes dream journals… yeah. Whole different thread. :wink:

Do this kind of meditation often. I believe as EA has suggested before that one should work from the crown down instead of the root up though. Just my personal opinion.

Fuck. I did not want to do this but I have to take this a bit deeper…

Their is a fulcrum point here that is often overlooked. That fulcrum point is Zoroastrianism. Zoroastrianism was the beginning of Christian systems of duality. However when observing this religion from the shadows it was also the first to demonize ancient methods of personal empowerment such as this.

I could just post excerpts from my writing project but I must refrain. Here is the jist of it though.

I said that consciousness (in my opinion) must be raised beyong the third chakra for magick to get real Oooomph behind it. So I will use that as the example. The Rig-vedic God Indra who was a warrior God of storms became (according to Zoroaster) Andar daeva of rebellion. This God corresponded with the heart chakra. :wink:

Well the thread is more about chakras and crystals but I thought to share this.

What I like about E.A and his books is the way he provides so useful info while you read a story, it’s standing there between other words waiting to be found by those who read and in reading understand and they seek practice…
Whirling disks, spheres etc might be good but why are we doing all this?
Meditation is a tool, something to set forces into motion and provoke changes.

Conscious changes!

In Ipsissimus he provides a method, which it doesn’t take that long so you can perform it daily if you like even if you are busy and it worked out very well for me.
I suggest to read the book and understand the pattern, you can change it and use your crystals entities or whatever you like and feel comfortable with, but set a target a real one and shape your reality.

I hope I didn’t ruin the thread.

Hindu and Tibetan Mantras hold great power. Clearing and spinning
Chakras in the right direction can be done quickly with little effort. I would
recommend that after each sound Mantra inhale deeply and slowly release
the breath.

Here are two links that work:

12 Chakra Mantras to Unblock Energy - - Mindvalley Academy
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