Okay, so simple questions. Maybe complex answers. What are the reasons one should open their chakras? There seems to be a great number of different chakras too depending on who you ask. Is it simply enhancing all your astral/psychic abilities? What about the 3rd eye? Same thing? Does anyone have experience with different forms as well like kundalini? Would you say this is similar or the same type of energy working? I have seen people talking about removing ones chakras…

If there are any questions you can answer feel free. I am looking on the forums but there is just a lot to parse through. Thanks all. Lots of love.


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Kundalini is an energy current that is stimulated by the opening of chakras in a particular order.
Reaki uses chakras for energetic healing.
Kundalini yoga opens and empowers chakras.

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At the very least, your journal can look impressive.

Have you opened your chakras Fuego?

1: Your chakras are already open. Your life energy flows through them so if they were actually closed you’d be dead. When people talk about “opening” their chakras, what they really mean is developing them to handle more power.

2: Chakras are imaginary; they don’t exist in any real sense. They became part of the Western Magical Tradition by way of Theosophy, whose founder, Helena Blavatsky, was enamoured with all things from the “mystical East,” and then the New Age revival of the 1960’s got a hold of them and they became ubiquitous in the occult.

3: There are different numbers of chakras, even within the yogic traditions themselves. Other traditions, like Tibetan Buddhism, also have their own versions.

4: As for enhancing psychic abilities, yes, working with the chakras are said to do so. They are also said to confer powers, or siddhis, like levitation, teleportation, and the ability to shrink, upon practitioners when fully developed. The aim of yoga is to become a “perfected” individual, however, and the powers are seen as a distraction so students are often told to ignore them.

5: Kundalini is the Sanskrit term for the sexual energy of the body, said to lie sleeping at the base of the spine, and often described poetically as a great serpent. By awakening this energy, and bringing it up into the brain, it energies and powers up the entire being, including one’s spiritual bodies. It is known to enhance cognitive function, as well as physical capabilities such as speed and strength. It is an infinite energy circuit, and once set into motion, it becomes stronger the more you use it. It is considered to be very dangerous, and can cause actual physical damage if not done properly. Taoism has a similar concept, called the Greater Kan and Li.


Very interesting. Thanks DK. I wonder if there is anything deeper than simply empowering your visualization. Well accept the kundalini energy seems to do more than that. How would one do it incorrectly? I am not sure whether to ask how to do it wrong or right haha.

So is the third eye just a part of that system then?

Would one then direct this energy into a sigil? Or just use the heightened state to do magick “better” in?

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The concept of the “third eye” does originate in the yogic traditions, but the idea of the centre of the forehead being the place of spiritual perception is also found in some Chinese traditions. In the introduction to the book, Qi Gong for Total Wellness, for example, a student of the the author, Baolin Wu, mentions projecting a command from the third eye to freeze an ant in place.

Raising Kundalini “incorrectly” usually means doing it forcefully. Letting it move on its own with gentle guidance is considered best, because having the energetic equivalent of a freight train blow through your chakras and then slam into your skull rarely has a pleasant aftermath. It tends to burn its way through things you might actually need, like nerves, and synapses. It has been said to actually kill people, and the sage Krishnamurti describes his experience of the Kundalini as coming close to doing so. It took the author and martial artist Glenn Morris 5 years to repair the damage his Kundalini caused to him when it rammed into his brain.

You can use the energy for anything you want. It is generated by you, and is practically limitless. Spirits will become very attracted to you, and will pop in for a visit even when you don’t call them.

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So would something like the middle pillar ritual or LBRP be something similar then as far as raising energy?

Yes, the Middle Pillar is designed to raise energy. It’s not the same thing as the Kundalini, which is generated by yourself, but until the 20th century, magicians did not use the chakra system. They designed their own rituals and meditations to empower themselves, usually some form of invoking the divine.


I worked with the classic 7 Chakra Model for a few years, then with the New Age 13 Chakra Model, then with the Tantric 15 Chakra Model and currently with the Qliphotic 11 Chakra Model.

In the New Age model, for example, the chakras have completely different abilities than in the tantric model, while ea in the Qliphotic model is about mastering the ascent to one’s own god.

Especially in Tantra I was able to have different experiences with Kundalini because there are different goddesses there who can be considered and perceived as Kundalini. So depending on which goddess you have been initiated into, the perceptible quality of Kundalini is also different. In Qliphotic magic there are also some demons and goddesses who are represented as snakes or dragons and can therefore also be perceived as inner Kundalini.

Why should the chakras be opened? Each chakra represents a different quality of consciousness, is associated with one or more specific deities, a mantra or word of power and special magical abilities. When we open our chakras we can access these skills and expand our awareness. Thus a chakra is similar to the Sephiroth or the Qliphoth in us.

In Tantra there is a lot that a person with open chakras can do, on the one hand he has a natural charismatic aura, on the other hand he can project his consciousness through his chakras, which leads to a kind of soul journey and even switch to the body of another person Make shape change.

It is only beneficial for spiritual and magical development to open one’s chakras.

@DarkestKnight Not trying to hijack the thread but I have a question about chakras (& this seemed the right thread to ask it in).

You say they aren’t real but the energy centers they represent are.

So I’ve heard about people removing their chakras.

So what are they actually removing if not chakras and what effects (especially what negative ones) would or does doing so (removing chakras or whatever they represent) cause?

There are no negative effects when removing the chakras, from what I understand. As I said, they are imaginary, and don’t actually exist. They are basically constructs that you create by working with them.

Those who have removed them have described a distinct change in the way their energy flows, but that’s about it. I recall one member here, Faustus, mentioning that when he removed his chakras, he eventually developed a new, larger, vortex of energy in his chest that basically served a similar function.

Some people, like Enoch Petrucelly, claim the chakras are an alien control mechanism designed to limit the power humans can possess, an idea which I find to be absolutely silly, considering the powers they are said to bestow when properly developed, but regardless, there doesn’t seem to be any real drawback to removing them. The subtle anatomy adapts, and if you don’t follow another pre-designed system of energy work, like the Taoist meridian and dan tien system, then the subtle body will develop its own version to fulfill the same functions.

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Some important information about this practice? The 15 chakras system is it possible to integrate into the qliphotic?

Kundalini can also be transmitted thru shaktipat. Many online free classes for that plus paid private sessions. It is one of the most powerful things you can experience. Like an orgasm energy in your spine.