Can someone please educate me on chakras I know nothing about them other than the 3rd eye root and crown chakra

Probably easiest going on YouTube and finding a chakra guided meditation (for them all) not just one



Look into the culture they originated from because the 7 major chakras are often exaggerated and people tend to forget about the existence of minor chakras and the entire system.


There are a variety of chakra systems throughout the world. The earliest uncontested documented chakra systems are from Tantric Buddhism and are four in number. They consisted of the head, throat, heart and navel. However, some argue the concept of chakras originated in Africa, not east Asia. The Egyptian, Zulu and Yoruba people all had a concept of the energetic body and arguably the chakras.

You’re going to find a lot of new age fluff in your search. Good luck!


Try this book.



I wasn’t a huge fan of this book. Cyndi takes huge leaps in terms of some of the cultures she’s trying to map the chakra system onto. A number of her references are defunct websites. The book isn’t academic in my opinion, and too large and unwieldly to be overly user friendly as a basic text.

There are some great parts to it, just equally a number of problematic ones.

I would be more inclined to recommend Brennan’s work Hands of Light. While not just chakras, it’s a good introduction to core subtle body anatomy and it’s various associated concepts.

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Depending on the tradition there may be seven (Sahasrara, violet, head’s top; Ajna, indigo, forehead; Vishuddha, cyan, throat; Anahata, green, chest; Manipura, yellow, above navel; Svadishthana, orange, below navel; Muladhara, red, between anus and genitals), five (Head, white; Throat, red; Heart’s chakra, blue; Navel’s chakra, yellow; Secret chakra, green) or more.
Some are related to spiritual growth, such as Sahasrara, Ajna and Anahata; others to astral senses (Ajna and Vishuddha: respectively clairvoyance and clairaudience).

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chakras are strongly associated with the body, so learn a form of yoga. kundalini yoga works specifically with chakras development so thats a good place to start.