Chakras, middle pillar or metaphysical energy centres

I am a little confused. There are many systems of energy centres, the middle pillar, Indian Chakras, Tibetan Pillar and spheres. Which would be most beneficial to the three Godlike Powers? I need advice from practitioners as I am practising the Tibetan Pillar and Spheres and I am unsure if this would help in attaining the three 3 Godlike Powers.

I would say which ever system you feel more attracted to! I use the middle pillar. But still practice and experience will guide you better than I or any one else could tell you! Try them all to find out which you like best.

All that matters is to find a system you like, and stick with it. It will help you develop your sensitivity to energy, and your ability to manipulate it, both of which are essential to practicing magick. No system is more beneficial than another.