Is it better to work on all chakras at once or should I just keep to my plan of doing each chakra for a whole month before moving onto the next one?


If it’s possible and doable, i’d work On all chakras at once to see where there are any blockages left.


I just started a month ago with my 3rd and now i’m doing my root. (Now going in order)

There are probably a lot of uh blockages.

I can work on them all at once- you mean like an 1hr meditation on youtube that goes in order from one to the other?



I need to work on my chakras as well because I have alot of issues and blockages to deal with :joy:

I’m stuck in my practices because of emotional traumas childhood traumas etc


You can do it either way. All it once or one at a time. Each has its pros and cons.

Working the chakras one at a time can help you to fully explore the power of each one. The con is it is very time consuming.

Working on the chakras all at once is less time consuming, but it doesn’t allow for a full exploration of each.

There are many ways to work with the chakras and my advice would be to find what works best for you and do it regularly.

You might be interested in an older thread about how someone spent considerable time on their root and what the result was:


Ok, thanks! :cherry_blossom:


when I meditate I can feel all 7 chakra energy points just do full body mediation or work on a specific chakra right now I am doing third eye ajna meditation…



also remember chakras are like locks on the door don’t worry so much about them because they keep your spirit trapped in the body


i’m not that far along that I feel all of them.

i’ve tried full body but i can’t usually sit through it. Too antsy.

The most i can get through is like 15-20 min.

I’ll probably continue with my 15 min sessions for a month on root and then so on and so forth.


go on YouTube and use binaural beats the wave frequency helps the meditation or use ASMR focuses on sounds only close your eyes until you almost fall asleep…


You may “cover” briefly all the chakras, for example by repeating lam-vam-ram-yam-ham-om-aum and concentrating on their spots. Do this all the time and perhaps work first on Muladhara, then Svadhistana etc.
In fact, according to a theory (that may also be wrong, indeed), it would be possible to reach a chakra only after having acted on the one below.


So just say their mantras to start working with them? I’ll make a note.


you can just repeat om or aum do it 108 times look up videos on YouTube they have them must be repeated for 108 times as it is a sacred number…


108…? :skull:


yes mantras must be repeated at 108 times in a row get meditation beads with 108 beads on them and repeat OM AUM that many times :om:


:bowing_woman: ok


it’s not hard move your fingers around the beads and repeat OM in a trance 108 times do this once a day for effects…


thank youu :cherry_blossom:


108 is a hindu sacred number look it up this with the mantras help your chakras and meditation practice…


oh and side note get some bango drums the shamans use these to get high frequency waves so they can be on a higher spiritual lvl bang them like crazy and chant mantras…