Chakra work

Hi guys,
Just a question.
do you work with all chakras in the same meditation session or prefer to work every day with a different chakra?


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An author (Evola) was of the opinion to work from the bottom, only and always with a singol chakra, then move on to the next. Some time ago I adopted this, working on Muladhara and then beginning with Svadhishtana. Afterwards I proceeded to use both the method you mentioned, employing also the ‘chakras mantra’ a bit tweaked: “Lam Vam Ram Yam Ham Om”.


I use EA’s exercise from Questing After Visions. Essentially, you pull cosmic energy down through each chakra, while placing your awareness in each. This “wakes them up” so to speak. Then you pull earth energy upwards through them, vibrating the specific Bija mantras at each one.

There are many, many ways to work with the chakras. You can work with them one at a time, or you can work with them all in one sitting. It’s up to you. The excellent book by David Frawley, Mantra Yoga and Primal Sound, describes many of the different ways the chakras can be worked with.

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I only clean my chakras or work with them when I can tell their dirty. Which reminds me…

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