Chakra work with pendulums

So I got a pendulum and a chakra quartz healing wand today so I can start balancing my chakras being I think this is part of the reason my emotions have been out of whack lately.
My question is when holding the pendulum over your chakra what am I looking for?

When I held it over my daughters ajna chakra it started spinning clockwise SUPER fast.
I guess a better wsy to ask this question is how can you tell if a chakra is over active,unbalanced,or in perfect balance?

Thanks for any answers to my question.

When I used this method to do healing, I used to look for a decent pace and nice round solid swings, I would be more worried about wobbles in the rotation than the speed, unless it’s excessively slow which could indicate stagnant energy.

You’ll soon start to see any clogged bits of energy, I used to see them as like beigey-brown clouds in the whirlpool of healthy normal “clear” energy at those points, and you can literally scoop them out (just intend to do it) and bind them into a bowl of water (put your hand in and intend the gunge to stay there - throw the water out under a bush, or at a pinch flush it down the lavatory, but don’t allow animals to drink it, and houseplants are usually too small and feeble to absorb and transmute the gunge).

Ideally you’re looking for a nice round clockwise swing, anything too wide where the pendulum almost swings out means the energy’s too fierce, anything too tight and there may be a tension in that chakra which could have phsyical and emotional ramifications, and loosening up the spiral will help with that (go easy, don’t do too much in one session because you’ll be overwhelmed and out of balance in a new and different way, which is no use at all).

You can spin a wobbly, tight, or sluggish chakra with your hand in the way a DJ spins a deck with a record on, again intention’s the key, and you’ll soon start to feel the energy in a really tangible way, and yes you’re bound to wonder if it’s just in your mind but when you and other people start feeling results, you’ll know it’s not.

I trained in this stuff and there are probably other methods, those are just the ones I used and I got some very favourable and lasting results from the people I healed.

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Thanks LadyEva!
Have you ever used a chakra healing wand?
It’s a quartz crystal that has a ball at the top and the crystal is shaped into a point.

The ball removes the energy and the point projects it thus disposing of it.
There are also small orbs below the ball representing the chakras with their colors and positions.

I never used a wand but I have every faith they’d be awesome, I have used crystals laid onto the person’s body (chakras, and over major organs as well, esp. liver) and got some awesome reuslts.

Also plenty of “phenomena” like one time, a crystal changed colour (light smoky quartz that went darker within minutes) and one time I was helping a friend detox from years of smoking and a piece of pure white quartz vanished into her - she was laid on her back, I had 5 small crystals grouped over her liver, and one of them just WENT, no BS, I looked everywhere but I could kind of tell something weird had happened right away.

Crystals are weird, they’re the most like “people” of any inanimate object, so you’re in for some crazy times if you start combining them with energy work!

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I’ve always been interested in crystals but never used them much.
I think some experimentation is in order.
I have a couple quartz crystals,a rose quartz,and that wand.
I have a few other small stones like lodestones and smokey quartz.
Oh and I have a large chunk of celestite which is used for angelic contact and work with your higher self.

There’s a store here where I live that sells ALL KINDS of crystals/stones.

I think I’m gonna start putting them to use.

Oh and I have a few pieces of peacock ore which is used in chakra work as well.
Bought em online for like 39 cents a piece.