Chakra vs kundalini


So I was reading a book called AWAKENING KUNDALINI . In that book it says awakening chakras is not the same as awakening kundalini .So can someone please tell me the difference between awakening chakra and awakening kundalini ? I seem pretty confused


Well, more detailed information you can find in books but mainly the difference is in that Kundalini is big raw power coming from root chakra, don’t look at it now if you don’t even balanced chakras yet.


My main intention is to evoke spirits to physical plane so for that I need to work on my 3rd eye . So I wanted to know if just awakening the all chakras will suffice or should I awaken the kundalini to experience psychic powers lile clairvoyance and seeing spirits ?


Chakras are 100% enough, start working on balancing meditations, development of skills will come with 3rd eye and crown chakra.


So if i start doing EA’s blue ray meditation for the rest of this month and then from February i start to awaken my chakras, one chakra per month would that be helpful ?Thanks a lot man .


Well, I would suggest 1 week for each chakra from up to down, listen to some music on youtube while doing them, and imagine while meditation they are more powerful, feel them, see color if you will feel vibrations you are doing it well.


I agree with you with the exception of the direction in which to start. It is said that you should start with the root chakra and up from there.


I guess it depends on a system then, Buddhists recommend doing it from crown to root, because it is just safer,
mainly because parasites and demons feed on 3 lower chakras, so expanding protection and power from the crown is the first good step especially when someone doesn’t have a mentor.


I did not know that. This is after their department so to speak.


I started from up to down and I guess I finished good lol.
Of course, the natural flow of energy is a different case, but we were talking about balance and powering them.


So after abt 7 months of practise will I have developed psychic abilities ?


They always develop, the more work you put the better you will be.
Don’t ask when, just do it and be amazed how fast and far things go.


For the chakras, EA recommends pulling universal energy down into each chakra, as an initial purification and awakening, before bringing energy from the Earth up to empower them. This prevents any contaminants from the more physical lower chakras from contaminating the upper, more spiritual ones, which is a risk when working from the bottom to the top.

Personally, I have found this way of doing chakra work leads to faster development than only doing it in one direction, whether it is top to bottom or bottom to top.

As already stated, the kundalini is the primal, life force of the body. The chakras are NOT a prerequisite for that energy to rise. The same phenomenon can be achieved through the Taoist meridian system.


Is that where it starts from the root chakra and works it way up to the crown?


Well If we talk about really not detailed and short version, yes.


One day if you have time please tell me the long version. Thanks.