Chakra Video and Invocation of Planetary Intelligences

I put together a video to assist in opening Chakras, and expanding your inner self with the forces already present in the universe. Here is the content:

This video is an invocation of benevolent planetary intelligences. It opens a Chakra for each intelligence to occupy. The names are:

Agiel, Intelligence of Saturn: Agrippa taught that Agiel can give a man the ability to bring forth, to make a man safe, to make a man powerful, and to cause success of petitions with princes and powers. Marsilio Ficino and others also associated Saturn with intellectuals, whose minds are more lofty and divine than those of common folk. This is because Saturn is the highest planet in occult cosmology and therefore closest to God.

Tiriel: Intelligence of Mercury: According to Agrippa, Tiriel renders the bearer grateful and fortunate to do what he pleases, bringing gain, preventing poverty, helping memory, understanding and divination; and encouraging occult understanding through dreams.

Malcha betharsithim hed beruah schehakim.: Intelligence of the moon: According to Agrippa, it renders the bearer of the sigil grateful, amiable, pleasant, cheerful, and honored; removing malice and ill will, security during travel, increase of riches, bodily health, and the driving away of enemies and other evil things.

Hagiel: Intelligence of Venus: According to Agrippa, benefits include encouraging concord, ending strife, procuring a woman’s love, aiding in conception, working against barrenness, causing ability in generation, dissolving of enchantments, causing peace between men and women, making all kind of animals fruitful, curing melancholy, causing joyfulness, and bringing good fortune.

Nachiel: Intelligence of the Sun: According to Agrippa, this can help being renowned, amiable, acceptable; potency in all works, equaling a man to kings and princes, elevation to high fortunes, and success in all endeavors.

Graphiel: Intelligence of Mars: This sigil would be used to attract the beneficial influences of Mars, which according to Agrippa includes potency in war, judgments and petitions; victory against enemies, terribleness toward enemies, and stopping of blood.

Jophiel: Intelligence of Jupiter: This sigil would be used to attract the beneficial influences of Jupiter, which according to Agrippa includes gains and riches, favor and love, peace, concord, appeasement of enemies, confirmation of honors, dignities and counsels, and dissolving of enchantments.

Definitions are taken from Alternative Religions. Banishing in the beginning of the video is from EA Koetting’s “Kingdom of Flame” Sigil of Pontimas is used from EA Koetting’s Kingdom of Flame.

And the link:

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