Chakra Spinning

Last night as I falling asleep my third eye chakra started spin clockwise(looking through my eyes not externally) externally another person would see it as counter clockwise…

It was almost out of my control, energy was spinning in that area, and then thing turned blue and then I saw this entity with a beard, it reminded me of old solomonic depictions of lucifer

It got me thinking on how powerful chakra spinning is actually very powerful, however I haven’t been able to find many sources that give enough info on it

Would anyone happen to know the direction chakras spin, in men and women looking from outside of the body of course…

Chakras have no set direction. The rotation is just a means of gathering and directing energy based on polarity and impulse of the pattern used. Generally counter clockwise towards you pulls in energy while clockwise will project it out but it can be either way. Try creating a spiral of energy in your hand and expanding its reach and see which direction and initial thought gathers the most power to the core. You can then focus on energy centers in the body or on patterns in the mind.


Im not sure what feels right but, when I try to spin my third eye chakra the other way around it just doesn’t feel right, it’s almost like walking backwards in a sense, I felt the same thing with my solar plexus chakra which is spinning the opposite direction to my third eye

So I thought maybe the masculine chakras and feminine ones spin in opposite directions

I find it doesn’t really matter. Try making a vortex independent of the chakras in your hand to observe the flow of energy from basic spirals then apply that.

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In qigong therapy, when giving and blending energy into the lower dan tian, for men you rotate clockwise to balance, and for women anticlockwise. However, if you sense resistance you can switch if you like, you should be sensitive to individual variation.

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