Chakra scan trade

I will explain after the scans are done so you don’t have any bias when doing it just that I’ve been doing some pretty intense alchemical works on them and now when I scan them I’m kind of surprised by what I see so I wanna make sure.

In return for a scan of my chakras I will scan your chakras🙂

Focus on the color and temperature and generally what you sense from them and what you think they need and feel free to tell me exactly what you need to know regarding your own chakras


I am in

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im in but im not sure if i can scan you back and i really new can i join ?

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Sure @Serpentslight post the result of the scan and let me know if you want yours to be posted here or PMed

That was the purpose of making this thread😃

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I will wait a little more to see if anyone else would join then I’ll do your scan @Serpentslight

Your First Chakra ist color is darker Rose neon you are loving on the ground.

The second is normal Orange color mainly intact but you should give it some attention in regards to make it free from a darker energy blanket.

The third - is citrus yellow and glowing ist pretty healthy and optimistic quite containing.

The fourth is a interesting one it is quite leafy green but has a electric blue Aura like electric waves around it .

The fifth is a Sonic deep blue a deep lightly glowing inarts ~beautyfull.

The sixts i See like a aktivated really stunning lili form like a mandala in pointy Color paterns of violet light violet and really a litle white.

Crown there is nothing only a darkviolet sphere underground emenating a light electric~arctic blue horizon.

Side Chakras .

I see your two handchakras are pretty activated.
Upper parts of your legs are good activated.
Your feets you should work on.
Your Temple chakras (ears ) are activated.
And two on your forehead a litle above the brows are activated.
Shoulders you must work on.

More are not relevant.

If i got something right or wrong let me know bc i dont do these often practicly i am more or less a beginner.

Thanks ~

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@Serpentslight thanks it was pretty accurate now do you want me to post yours here or PM it ?

Do it private .
Send me your results.

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I am in! I’ll see what I get and post it here and you can do the same or PM, I don’t mind which.

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I am definitely most drawn to your heart and throat chakras. More so the heart. Maybe you’re not so much into the LHP exactly but you know it’s recomended the heart chakra be limited right? But I’ll leave that up to you and go through each one now.

Root: your root chakra is soft to me. I reckon you could strengthen it by focusing on it more and solid grounding.
Sacral: your sacral is also lighter in a sense. Faint compared to your brightest ones.
Solar Plexis: Solar Plexis is the faintest one so far.
Heart: is like BOOM for whatever reason. Your heart chakra is extremely big and bright right now.
Throat: is bigger than your lower chakras, fairly bright.
Third Eye: getting lighter again.
Crown: I’m having difficulty even seeing it.

I’m very curious about this alchemical work you’re doing. I can’t pick up yucky stuff from your chakras or imbalances, but the fact that most of them are so faint makes me wonder if what you’re testing out is some kind of shielding or something. I personally find what you’re doing bizarre, but just cause I don’t get it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Why is your heart so active? Are you feeling incredibly empathetic at the moment? I think that’s dangerous. Anyway good luck with what you’re doing.


I had made myself overly dark which was beginning to make me sick so I decided to fix that but it seems I went too far

Unifying of chakras

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Strong and healthy root and sacral with vibrant colors

Your solar plexus is a bit overactive but not too much

And your heart what I get from it is sharing energy with people who don’t share back meaning you have bonds even old ones which you might have forgotten with people who don’t share the same bond with you

Your throat chakra is also pretty strong and vibrant

Your third eye is not indigo but more like whitish pink in color

Your crown chakra has a blockage caused by an unfriendly entity that feels like a thought form to me which could indicate that you’re working with an imposter

And thanks for your scan it was mostly accurate

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Thanks so much! And dammmnnnn what you said is probably very accurate.

If you are ‘unifying’ your chakras then that must be why the top and bottom ones are so faint but the heart isn’t, maybe you have sandwiched the energies into the middle somehow.

What you’ve said is probably extremely accurate :flushed:

My heart chakra… I must find a ritual to cut all cords. I’ll evoke for it and ask that my cords be cut. In my past I was way too loving and loyal to past connections.

I’m surprised my throat is so strong, phew, that was my problem one for a while. I still kinda have a sensation of a noose or something piercing my neck but that’d be…

The unfriendly entities :flushed: Yes I’ve been dealing with a lot lately. They seem to have come from the RHP, seems like I have multiple thoughtforms inhibiting me and I’ve been trying to use Murmur’s energy to get them all. I don’t think it’s so much an imposter, at least I really hope not, but yes I’ll have to do more clearing with Murmur on the double

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Can you check my chakra s please

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For a long time (before unifying my chakras) I used to think my throat chakra is not active at all and I kept working on it until I realized it was in fact overactive in the first place and I only made it worse so try asking some spirits

Thought forms can only survive by feeding off you but they can only feed off the same frequency they are made of unless they’re tulpas and in that case they can feed off pretty much anything but let’s say they’re regular thought forms so in that case the only way to properly rid yourself of them is to find out what they’re feeding on and begin to take those energies back while changing your behavior so you don’t eminate those frequencies anymore and to clarify what I mean I’ll give you an example from my own experience.
So I used to be a heavy smoker and for some reason I had a thought form which was feeding off this particular behavior of mine which means feeding off the energies the root chakra generates when you smoke so once I dealt with it I managed to quit smoking for good

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@Satanic as long as you can scan me back accurately😉

I’m actually gonna change the title so we can get trade all kinds of scans