Chakra Opening

Hi ya’ll, I just wanted to know if there’s a way to know for sure when your chakra’s have opened up. I’ve been having trouble with mine and not to sure if they’ve opened or not.


I think it is important to distinguish that your chakras are already open. Your life force runs through them so if they weren’t open, you’d be dead. What you are trying to do is develop them so they can hold more power. It’s similar to building muscle. You already have muscles that enable you to move, but if you want to be stronger, you need to develop them by putting them through stress.

What exactly have you been doing for your chakras? Have you been pulling lots of energy through them?


Probably but at the same time I’m not sure if I’m putting energy in them or enough energy when meditating on them.

After a while, you might find you start to feel a tingle, pressure or buzzing, or in your minds eye, you spontaneously see one start to glow or spin. You visualisations become more organic and something you can interact with more.



I’m meditating and practicing now for weeks and weeks but I don’t notice much lol.

I feel my succubi constantly twitching my muscles jerking limbs, tingling my face and neck etc but I can’t seem to get past this stage.

I’ve read several books and I ordered EA koettings Ebook, on his website he talks about opening chakras with chants

He mentions detailed steps of getting into theta-gamma sync and opening up chakras, but I never found the information in his book.

I just read the book, so that’s unfortunate I have to ask my money back lol

I feel like a monkey constantly running over from this to that, in search of the ultimate source of legitimate information. Some people say it takes “time” like half a year or more, some people say it can be done in weeks.


Not everybody feels it but it doesn’t mean it’s not working.

Can you make a qi ball between your palms and feel that?



No, but I can feel energy moving when I point my indexfinger to my right hand and keep it 0.5 cm away.

When stirling a bit with the indexfinger i’m able to feel the energy moving in my right hand.

I used to do those energy work practices from Robert Bruce’s book but that’s all time consuming and wasting time.

I’m studying for my engineering mechanics courses so I don’t have time, lol it’s 10:15 PM and I should be studying now instead of searching topics on BALG :joy:

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That’s cool, you know you’re passing energy through and out of your finger, can capitalise on that…
Use the finger to cause flow through other surface points and help open them, starting with the palms.

Point the finger in the direction of flow through the point you want open, e.g. for the palm, the point is called Lao Gong. Point the finger at the back of your hand pointing through so the energy goes out the other side through Lao Gong. Visualise the energy streaming through like water under pressure, the more the merrier. You’re looking for a clairsentience, tingle or image flash that it’s open. (Surface points can open and close like pores, and being close to nerves it’s more likely the nerves will be stimulated and cause sensation.) Once you’ve done it once, you should be able to put your mind in them (focus on them) to open them. They’ll close back up on their own when not in use. Also very worth doing for the points in the center of the feet for grounding purposes.

When you can make a qi ball, face palms together, put your mind in both Lao Gung at once, and visualise that jet of water rushing out of both filling the space. Be relaxed and easy. Keep doing it for a couple of minutes, and also do that stirring thing you do with your index finger, only using your palm points stirring the ball, and I like to bounce them off the ball slightly - usually feels like the hands are slightly repelling each other like like poles of weak magnets.

This is the first thing people learn in qigong. It helps you feel the energy and get the mind accepting it’s reality, and that helps a lot. Qi follows mind.

Bit more advanced: When you’ve done playing with the ball, no need to just let it dissipate, though you can - I like to physically move it with my hands down and with mind and intention gently place it into the navel chakra (Lower Dan Tian, near enough) to keep the energy for yourself. Rotate your Dan Tian using the open Lao Gong to help the energy settle in and stay put.


Sense their stimulation, OP! If you can trick your brain into registering them as invisible organs, you’ll have a way smoother time maintaining them! Focus activates them, and flow boosts them. :slight_smile:

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In the state of no resistance, nirvana, satori, enlightenment.

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Would acupuncture work in some way?

Acupuncture is the energy points mostly minor chakras throughout the body but also the major but yes they can help. Just not in developing them for the most part.

That makes sense. Thanks!