Chakra for bodily health?

What CHakra for bodily health? Been seeing mixed messages between the base root (red one) at the bottom.

And the yellow/gold solar plexus.

Which one for bodily health?

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All of them are said to contribute to the health of the physical body major and minors.


Basically, all of the chakras are associated with various aspects of health. Similar to the meridian system of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Hindu practice of Ayurveda connects each chakra and its pathways to the various organs, and processes, of the body, so any problems are corrected by a prescription of certain foods associated with the organ, and yogic breathing and asans that bring extra prana into the chakra that governs it.


In addition to what Velenos and Darkest Knight said: if you’re seeing synchronicities related to those chakras I’d suggest to start with them. Because it might be that that’s what you need to focus on balancing right now.


I just meant online.

But I got some issues of my lower body, the red root chakra’s been doing wonders for me, but I’ve been doing it all.

But the root’s the best for me to focus on more.

But yeah i meant online, googling it, it only said solar and root are for bodily health, the rest is like third eye senses, emotional health, spirital power, ect.

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