Chakra exercises and astral senses

Hay guys I was just wondering is opening up/ keeping my chakara’s important for my asturals senses? Some of the goals are have is to astral travel/ soul travel, lucid dream and see spirits.

I can feel spirits and their energy very well, I have been in constant telepathic communication with an entity for about two weeks and had no problem hearing them. I have this odd energy/ astral ability that lord lucifer told me about i might talk about it in another post after some practice. Tbh i think it was a part of one of his lessons, dunno.

Any advice? please and thank you

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Charka, energy work and kundalini meditations provided huge benefits to me. From astral to evocation and everything in between. It was much easier for me to apply my emotion, will and intentions to my work. I started with Robert Bruce’s methods as the foundation, then kinda created my own system which works well for me.

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