Chakra & energy work

I am trying to start with opening up my chakras can anyone give any advice on how to feel and open my first chakra any tip would help also any story’s about your experience would be so cool

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@Novicebrett Don’t approach it that way. Try to get the energy running through your entire body before focusing on specific points. Focus on some specific points may be necessary to get the full body circuit running, but for the time being it’s the full body circuit you are working towards. After that of course some work with specific points or areas (the dantien, the point at the heart, the point in the inside of your head etc.) may be useful. Of course I come from a rather unique school of Chinese Nei Gong, and I imagine other’s advice will be quite different.


How is best way to feel or move the energy the best way for a complete beginner?

@Novicebrett Hard question to answer. I will PM

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If you want to focus on individual chakras, there are music tracks that are designed to spin your chakras to the rhythm and amplify the energy. I used to have a music track that claimed to do this and it does work, but you’ll have to be extremely focused to get anything out of it (meditation).
Kundalini is a faster, easier way to open all the chakras at once, imagine a fire-serpent that rests at the spine and coils upwards as it activates the chakras as you meditate.

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Check out AYPsite. Their exercises are pretty good, and are one of the few that actually gave me some results.

Joy of Satan has some alright exercises too, but put your bullshit alarm on maximum.

Another good option is to have someone work on your chakras, especially your third eye and 7th chakra. When you start working on your higher chakras, the lower ones balance themselves out, in my experience. Problem is, getting your third eye fully working alone can take some time, hence having a real magickian help you out is massively beneficial.

Furthermore, contacting some entities to help you out with this is also amazing.

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Try using the search function on the forum before posting basic questions. There are a good many threads about working with the chakras, including threads about the Bija mantras and mudras. This is a very common question.

Oooh! Breathe! Consciously. Set aside time every day to do nothing more than focus on breathing deeply into the bottom of the lungs, then filling to the top.

The life is in the blood, so circulate it. I like using the “corpse pose” asana for this. Slowly fill the lungs from the bottom to the top (the shoulders should be down and pulled in toward the spine, (Not raised and tensed) and even more slowly, exhale.

Your red blood cells require hemoglobin, that is, they bind iron to oxygen. Iron is magnetic. Iron rich foods help circulation; dark green leafy veggies with citrus to metabolize the non-heme iron, small amounts of organ meats with heme iron such as liver, then there are prunes, raisins, -living food- that sort of thing.

Heal, build, and maintain the body’s circuit pathways and breathe well to avoid pain and searing (burning) through potential blockages as the electrical current from any chakra exercises is strengthened.

I also use a technique from my choral studies; hold a mildly heavy book straight out in front of you with both hands. Keep the shoulder blades toward the spine; this way you cannot take shallow breaths and hunch the shoulders. Breathing in deeply through the nose.
With each breath relax the jaw, neck, ears, and scalp. Feel your abdomen expand to its capacity, then gently release until all the air is expelled. Repeat until your arms begin to become uncomfortable.

(Alternatively, see how long you can refocus on posture and ignore the arms)

Rather than counting breaths, consciously relax areas that begin to tense. When you feel ready to conclude, yawn, smile, concentrate on something you appreciate. This will hold a relaxed circulatory state for a while.

And yes, I recommend picking and researching a few yoga asanas to breathe through, as well. Daily.

And it wouldn’t hurt to read about basic electrical conductance and resistance, capacitors, etc… Researching electromagnetic current with Marbas is splendid. Add in biology with mineral and trace mineral requirements for your bioelectrical circuit board (aka: body) and you can have endless experimental and research data for your journal.


What is it called when this happens in the opposite direction? From the minds eye and then the rest of your body?