Chakra/Energy Clearing

Whats up guys?
Im opening up chakra/energy clearing sessions for 4 people that are serious about their Ascent and need it.

If you are one of those people,
Comment here, then PM me.

Qualifications (Ascent Wise):
In your comment, please tell me what you do on a DAILY basis to help advance your Ascent.

Must be familiar with at LEAST one of the following healing systems such as
Chi, Jing, Chakras, Meridians, acupuncture points,torus fields,sacred geometry, Aura, etc
(Im gonna work with Each of These in the clearing)

Has an open mind

Can Soul Travel enough to leave their body a short distance

Must be seeking after some form of power

Is a Active and practicing Black Magician
(Meaning you are doing some form of Baneful Magic regularly; Death Magic; War Magic; Sex Magic; etc)
End Of Qualifications

When you PM me, we will discuss details and then do the damn thing :smiley::metal::v:


Thanks to everyone who PMed me for the clearing.
As of Now this thread is closed!:sunglasses:
@Lady_Eva please lock this thread :smiley:

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