Chakra dissolution question

Question!!! :joy::joy::joy:

Okay so, the way I understand chakras is that they are energy centres that can be seen as open, closed, and blocked.

When I have looked at different black magicians and their experiences of chakra dissolution they talk about the removal of, and I know there was an E.A video about the chakra system as a part of a religion.

The way I think about religion is that it’s a value system based in guiding a large group of people’s behaviour based on the belief and will of a smaller group; who throughout history would have been more educated and connected in with other governing bodies and agendas.

So therefore, if chakras are connected in with a structure like this; then the idea of open, closed, blocked are not connected to the empowerment of the individual, but instead the reaffirmation of external power structures.

So, I’m thinking that chakras actually repress large parts of human experience in the same way that the commandments would.

So is the dissolution of chakras actually just the breaking down of energetic structures based in rules of emotional and behavioural conduct? The dissolution of rules based around ‘open, closed, blocked’ etc.


I’ve just been really confused about it. I’ve seen lots of people talk about the reduction or changing of chakras, but not a lot of discussion around what it means - and I’m trying to paint the picture for myself :joy::joy:

Totally open to discussion, experiences and thoughts!

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I would more or so look at your own chakras and decide, mainly because you have people who will believe what they read on the good things about chakras (but never actually experience their own) or they’ll see EA’s video where he decides to remove his and think because he did it to his own that they’re meant to do it to their own and that they must follow his lead. Both sides are pretty much sheep, the latter is just sheep claiming to be LHP which is literally anti-sheep mentality or suppose to be.

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Yeah I thought so, and I think that’s what was confusing me. I lived with a lady who was all about chakra clearing and there’s a big movement here in Australia with chakras and chakra clearing. When I looked into their structures I was just confused by why certain parts of me were seen as wrong or blockages :joy: because to me how I was/am made absolute sense in my life and my personal experiences. It made more sense to me to use my experiences that these people saw as just ‘blockages’ as barometers for choice; and that makes more sense to me.

But yeah! Thanks for your reply, it’s given me some clarity of thought :joy: I’d rather grown my own power than someone else’s, but I like to question these things and was just curious.

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I understand to be honest, like with the whole removal stuff, this old couple told me that my 3rd eye was okay with being removed and I thought about that was like sure go for it, nothing happened, I examined my own energy body, my chakras and so forth. My energy system layout didn’t even match what you normally google of an energy system and my chakras didn’t so much either and my 3rd eye was still there lol. I simply stopped focusing on my chakras and focused on my practice, my chakras developed as I developed myself.

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Hahaha that’s exactly it! I’m glad you got that in lockdown. I mean, the way I think about energy is that it’s a way of understanding our experiences, but I was always so confused by others perceptions and need to define my state. I think it’s an agenda thing really.

As long as it works for the individual and their understanding of themselves. For me it’s about me learning how to shape my life for me, based on where I’ve been and who I want to become.

I think a lot of the movement here looks almost like a predatory thing. You’re wrong and we know why :joy: so I’m always wary about when people talk about chakras without any kind of concrete reason why :grimacing: because I’ve been caught up in that.

Although I think we’re socialised as people to follow authority; and that’s part of the problem. Why do they have authority, what makes me think that, how does it fit in with me, why am I compelled to listen to A,B and C?

Ha, thanks for being a spring board for thought! Totally appreciate it!

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