Chakra check-ups. Experiment 3

Im back at it creating my own readings with my cards.

I will take five test subjects, and I will read into your Chakras and see if you’re balanced. I’ll tell you if it needs work or if it’s better than ever.

Again. This is a test. The readings could be accurate or completely random, but I trust my ability and so should you.

Let’s do this!


Me please!! I really need this
(Ps i love your readings :ok_hand:)

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Root: needs work, highly recommended this first.

Sacral: your Sacral is in a perfect state.

Solar plexus: jeez. This is horrible. Your solar plexus needs work really, really bad. But once that work is achieved it has great potential.

Heart: your heart Chakra is really good. It’s always a good sign to pull heart cards for your heart Chakra. Overall really good.

Throat: this has such great potential. But it badly needs to get worked on. Once you work your way up to this put a lot of effort into your throat Chakra.

Third eye: your third eye is in a great state, you should be good to receive messages and signs from spirits. Keep an eye out.

Crown: needs a little work, but I think that’s because your other Chakras are imbalance.

Overall you got work to do.


I’m down.

Let’s see what ya get.

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Root: overall doesn’t really any work.

Sacral: needs work and balancing

Solar: really needs improvement

Heart: needs work badly. But has great potential.

Throat: currently growing, and working well.

Third eye: also growing a lot currently. Doesn’t need any work

Crown: it’s at a good place right now and overall well balanced.

To sum it up you need to work on your lower Chakras, but your higher spiritual Chakras are working really well.

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Interesting take. Thanks!

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Well I’m really interested, let’s see :slight_smile:

Root: overall good. needs no work.

Sacral: it’s pretty bad. Needs a lot of work.

Solar plexus: really well balanced needs no work

Heart: needs work badly. Needs a lot of improvement.

Throat: work on balancing and it will stay balanced for a while, and be overall good once balanced.

Third eye: has huge potential, but you need to balance it badly. Work on lower and come back to this and it will be a very useful tool.

Crown: not balanced at all. Needs work.

Can i get a reading plz? :slight_smile:

Thank you so much m, in conclusion what would you say? :slight_smile:


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Me please!! I really need this!

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I’m interesed

If you haven’t yet reached 5 I would greatly appreciate a chakra reading.

In conclusion work on those Chakras.

Lol idk what else to say.

No longer taking anymore readings

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Root: good, but you should watch it.

Sacral: this is the best one out of the rest. Doesn’t need any work.

Solar plexus: you need to start working on it. A little bit unbalanced.

Heart: very unbalanced. I feel like you’re denying yourself and talking down to yourself.

Throat: this has the potential be very useful to you. But it is currently unbalanced. I highly recommend working on this.

Third eye: it’s open and is going really good. It looks like you have a good intuition.

Crown: very unbalanced. Work on lowers first.

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I pulled a nearly perfect reading for you. Your strong point is your third eye. But there is one fatal thing you need to worry about. Your root Chakra is basically non existent. In turn that effects your crown. So work on your root.

Overall you’re good.