Chakra Astral body Energy body removal?

Hey All,

I just had a conversation with somebody and he said that he removed his chakras, astral body and energy body. after that he re-integrated his spirit.

He said astral parasites no longer could attach to him and that he had a clear mind because the astral parasites or other beings could no longer interfere with his mind because he did not got chakras anymore. idk about all this so i would like to know what your view on all of this.

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If he removed his energy body he should be dead.

Ergo, he didn’t do that. The astral body can regenerate but it’s ideal to build it up. Chakras are optional (imo) overlays on the energy body that can be used to work with it. I fully believe he could remove those and all he’s lose is those particular tools.

Why? Not having parasites does mean that those that could mess with the emotions and mind aren’t there, but I see no reason why any living human isn’t at some risk. Raising vibrations so they can’t see you works pretty well.

It sounds like someone with no real grounding in the mechanics of energy working, whatever they did, they’re it explaining all of it in terms energy workers are familiar with.



Sorry, but removing the chakras does not prevent parasites from attaching, as @Maulbeere pointed out . If you are alive, you still have an energy body, chakras or no, so you still have plenty of places for a leech to latch onto. If you read some of the posts on here, folks have described parasites attached to their spine, their shoulder, their neck,etc, all areas they don’t have chakras.


Ok thanks for the info @DarkestKnight, how about the hypnosis questions I asked in the PM