Chain of Command

Even though I know that I have a connection to certain entities, King Paimon and I believe, Astaroth, how do I evoke the entities in the Book of Azazel?

I have tried many times to communicate with Salash and Fro’gla’lasch among others in the book with no success. Then again I’m having trouble with some entities like Sitri from the Goetia.

As far as the chain of command or corporate structure, do I have to conjure Lucifer first in order to get King Paimon and Clauneck? Conjure Azazel to get the entities from the Book of Azazel? Who do I conjure to get Astaroth?

When I conjured Tyche-Fortuna (Lady Luck) she visited me in a dream. So godforms aren’t a problem. I know to get a djinn you have to contact a Djinn king. Is that the same for other spirits?

If so, how? What do I need to do?

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Anyone else having this issue? Specifically in regards to the Book of Azazel.

I was.

They seem to not exist anymore, or something.



Dra talon did not do his fucking job.

Yes, that’s the norm, summoning entities under their superior dates back to the days of ancient Egypt. I didn’t get any contact from the entities named in Gates Of Dozak until I had worked comprehensively with Ahriman, and I doubt someone summoning them at random would get a result.

I have worked with beings from the BoA but Azazel made himself known to me spontaneously a few years ago, and we formed a kind of alliance, so I presume he gave them clearance.


As I have mentioned before, I have tried to contact Azazel and somehow King Paimon showed up in my dream. I’m not complaining, but I think despite following all of the instructions in meditating and doing TGS it is hard for me to get results.

I’m just starting to get some positive changes, but things are still a mighty struggle. Those results are only through visualization and affirmations with help from @Lady_Eva and others. I just been on a job interview for a job that I’m qualified for. I hope that I get it. And I think that Papa Legba has opened up the crossroads enough for me to get some help from the ancestors and some spirits.

@Eye_of_Ra once told me that Azazel is going through a transition. I don’t know what that means. I know that with his help I can achieve more.

Is there a specific ritual for Azazel? Staring into his sigil doesn’t seem to do it for me.

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Guys… As Eric and others teach.

The chain of command is the magician and then the infernal empire.

You could try this, if you’ve not already:

Using work he gave firsthand might help push that last bit of an obstacle. I agree about the heirarchy thing but spirits have their own courts, so just as I would probably meet obstacles trying to get favours from your ancestors, the currents and preferences (desire) of different spirits sometimes crops up as a factor.

Bumping. Curious to know if anyone’s had any luck with it.

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Nope. At least not me. I haven’t seen nor heard from any of those entities again.

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I tried to find the old sight that listed them I couldn’t even find that anymore.
I guess you can still read the book though.

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