Chad with mask explained

Hi everyone! Great sense of humor, took me a while to figure this out. It took me a while to comprehend the reality I was being broadcasted. I usually have my shit together, I understand what I see and feel quite good about the things happening in my life. Lately it’s not been the case, I found the impotence spellwork that someone placed in my home, they also connected a chord to my tv, I guess this shit have been out there for everyone to enjoy. I don’t even understand the supernatural, I haven’t payed much attention to it really. If I ever mention it, it’s because I want to make fun of this one guy that introduced me to it, i think some people that have been doing this for so long can’t stand the fact that a young guy like me could figure things out. But I do, it often takes me a while if I’m high on drugs, and lately that’s been the case. How could you live with all this spell work against you, I felt like I was dying everyday for so long, the reason for all my suffering is the fact that they believe I’m a rapist. Yeah, that’s right. Not a nice thing to be accused of when u know for a fact it’s not true, nightmarish to say at least. If I was to be accused of such a thing, and it turned out to be true. Would I live with myself? Continue with life and accept the fact that you did that to someone? I wouldn’t. I hate guys who rape, and now I think all this hell is coming my way because a girl I had sex with 4yrs ago. Of course I could have been a wise man and understood the fact that this girl was way to intoxicated to sleep with me, if I was to go back and change that I would. But I cannot, I got possessed the other day. I stopped when they wanted me to call on Lilith, I know what she does to people who stand accused of committing acts like that, An old friend told me that men should not call on her. I know myself as the biggest fuckboy known to mankind, I despise the way I was back then. But a rapist? Did I turn out that way? Didn’t mom raise me better then that? She did, that’s not me and I’m currently being accused of this act, I guess they unleashed all my biggest fears, and that one in particular, if I was responsible - I would stand before a train in a mather or minutes, I came to this conclusion a couple of years after that night. I was in the wrong, but I did not realize that having sex with this blackedout chick would result in my entire fucking city trying to kill me. But it did, I realized that this is the reason behind the rage, and then we have the fact that I’m making my money doing crimes, or I did, can’t continue when u have fucking orbs of light placing evidence in your home, I could go on for days and days about the things happening to me since all the local people that understood magikc decided to kill me. It could all be a psychicattack, why I’m seeing my mom die before me, myself, the girl of my dreams. But I came to the conclusion that this will result in my death, why? Because I can’t stand this reality, this simulation. I wanted to be apart of the people fucking with me, not against em. I guess life’s over now, not that I care tbh - I semi know where I came from, would’ve been nice to live out this lifetime a little bit differently, but it is what it is. I had a walk in today, all this I finally grasped. Why there’s a fucking lazer goin in my apartment and why there are spirits everywhere I look, well it ended up being a uno card de la reversed on life I guess. Someone with the knowledge and power to decide what ending I’m to face. So… turned out to be the one where everyone believes I’m guilty of rape, that’s like the worst thing you could ever imagine as a guy, at this stage I don’t fucking know what entity’s I have in my home. The big doggo growl prolly hell dog, and we have octopus succabae aswell, and like 13 daemons around. My hearth have been doing these wierd tripple bounce thingys, and reality is just fading away, mabey its the spellwork, i dont have the skills or knowledge to find out, i just so grasped the supernatural - some days lather we have omens everywhere I look, they indicate death, so, yeah, I wonder what the people responsible will think of this. I don’t even think they would understand the fact that I would come on here and say this, what’s the odds of a regular guy avoiding cops for so long, and now people are walking through walls and shit, ghostpolice or spökspan. Spökspan 1/5 worst experience, succabae not recommended 1.5/5.
And I only use the mask when it’s cold outside, I guess i wont need it in hell anyways

Welcome @Chadwithmask. It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, and I don’t know what this rant is supposed to be, but it certainly isn’t an introduction. In that entire Wall O’ Text you haven’t said a single concrete thing about yourself or your experience in magick.

So, please answer the following questions:

How old are you?

Where do you hail from?

Do you have any actual experience in magick?

If so, what do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

If not, what areas of magick are you interested in?

So you’re on drugs and think you’re being gnagstalked?

We do have some posts about ganstalking, but it seems to be a self-propagating experience, when I read about it it started happening to me and I had to banish it. 2 things:

  1. as asked, have you done any magick before and

  2. we rename the second part of the title on our “That Moment When” chat topic for shits n’giggs, I renamed it the Chad Mask-Wearer and it wasn’t about you, just so you know. :+1:

I saw a hawt guy in a skullmask and it just struck me as funny.

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