Certain people

I don’t want to see certain people anymore again throughout my life, I’m doing certain rituals for this but which ritual can I do precisely for this?

Which ones are you doing already and what’s wrong with them?

Create a sigil web detailing all the people and things in your life connected to you. Charge it. Once that is done, cut out the sigils representing the people you no longer want to see and destroy them. They will soon leave your life.

Note: This will not harm them if that is not your intention.


1 protection ritual and circle of banishing (it’s like LBRP) from Angelic Protection Magick and I’m doing a prayer too. They are just toxic people but I don’t know their names

How do I create a sigil web? And do you have guide for this? I don’t know their names so will it work?

It would be difficult to create a sigil web if you don’t know their names. You need to be able to identify them and their place in your life.


Ah that’s a shame, will look for other options then

Look into For’tash from the Book of Azazel. He can “overthrow your enemies, both known and unknown, and can remove any obstacle in your path.”

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Is there a way to communicate with For’tash without the book of Azazel? Or otherwise I will order the book very soon

You just need his seal.

Is this his seal? What next? Just say: “For’tash I call you” ?

Open it and then call him.

Okay. Open what? I already made a screenshot of his seal if that’s what you mean? I’ll call him now

No. You have to open the seal. Don’t tell me you have been on this forum for several years and don’t know how to open a seal?

This is the technique for opening a seal:

Ah yeah I know this, been a while though. By the way the description of powers from For’tash is overthrow enemies formed or unformed. It didn’t mention both known or unknown. Maybe I didn’t get to read it yet ?

Formed and unformed basically just means those that are enemies now and those that will become enemies later. it’s the removal of obstacles part of his power that you want though. You didn’t specify in your post the reason why you wanted these people out of your life but even if they’re not enemies, they can still be considered obstacles to your happiness.