Ceremonial magick/ talismanic magick

In the hermetic tradition, it is necessary to consecrate a talisman in system of banishing & evoking system… ( catch / release ). I wanna ask you to give me light justifying your answers about certain details.
Israel regardie one of the closest person to aleister crowley and to the golden dawn didn’t mention the time concerned for the operation of creation of a talisman.
There is nothing in his entire book refering to paying attention to the time ( day and hour, waxing or warning moon) of making a planetary talisman nore an elemental one. The problem is Israel regardie is one of the greatest occult teachers I believe in, thus I’m pretty sure he can’t miss such a big point. So the time of creation of the talisman is not that matter. Only the symbol the beauty of the sigil and the manner it was charged.
Remember : magick on aleister crowley’s prospective" ANY required change may be effected by the application of the proper kind and degree of Force in the proper manner, through the proper medium to the proper object.
I think that is postulat sum up the hole talismanic and astrologic magick.
So let me ask you. For exemple i need to contruct a talisman of mars. Then in a red paper i will inscribe the magick square of mars, and all sigils and symbols associated of this planet. Making in it at tuesday waxing moon I guess ( because I want to grow dominion over ennemies ) and when i m finaly done, I shall banish all the elements using lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram.of each element. Then banishing of hexagram. Then shall i start evoking the element of fire before performing the lesser invoking hexagram of mars ? Because Mars is a fiery planet and perhaps evoking this energy may boost my energy feedback evoking Mars.
But in the ritual of evoking planetary influence it is not precised by time and space only a circle and some tools.
To be honest i dont have a dagger i only use my fingers is it coreect? And what about the magickal cup they talked about in the ritual of evocation?
Is it ok if i didn’t evok the element associated with the planetary talisman i need to evoke?i mean is it ok of l only perform evoking Mars and making my talisman in the altar during charging it. Then wrapped it in a red silk all the time. I need really to carry it all the time or only tuesdays since it s a planetary talisman. And to charge it with perfum associated with mars every tuesday.
Please describe to me the magickal cup they talked about and the wand and the sword. And if they are really necessary


Ok a bit to go over here.

First off as to the matter of time and date it is both necessary and not necessary based upon your belief and skill. It is one of those things that would have been considered basic knowledge I believe and so his books would not stress it as it would be a prerequisite thing to understand or else you are at the point where those things do not matter but you can overcome the use of time with proper technique. If you are a beginner I recommend trying to somewhat observe proper hours and planetary phases at first but you can as you get more experience with those forces forgo them entirely.

As to the matter of elements that depends on the element that is mentioned as being with the talisman, the planet, and your personal relationships with those elements as well as the specifics of your goal. So keep that in mind and choose based off of your best judgment.

As to ritual format you have it down pretty well.

  • Preliminary preparations, trance work, etc
  • Circle casting with wand or blade or you hand and will.
  • LBRP and LBRH this serves to set a blank slate and controlled space without unclean influences that might have been lingering before.
  • Invoke the elemental energy and fill the space of the circle with the intent you choose in mind. Follow with the planetary energy.
  • Charge the talisman as described and compress the energy gathered within it using your will and clear intent along with any words of power, gestures, incantations etc that are given or you choose to use or else just will and vision alone will suffice.
  • End the ritual and banish the excess energies called by performing both banishings again and dismissing the circle.

Now as to magical tools, a wand is representative of the element of air and is used to control the movement of energy.

A dagger, sword, or other blade or weapon is used to represent fire and used in the direction of will or sharp forces such as when combating hostile spirits or needing that kind of influence.

The cup or chalice represents the element of water and usually holds purified water or wine consecrated to the ritual as an offering or medium.

Earth is generally represented by a laman or pentacle to bind the forces together.

You are your own representation of spirit.

All these tools are optional and serve as aids to help you control and focus the energy but if you don’t believe you need them your will alone can suffice though if it calls for a liquid medium you do need a cup obviously but it can be a regular cup you consecrate for the purpose. Same for using a kitchen knife as a dagger and a wooden dowel or branch for a wand. Consecrate them as vessels of your will and power and fill them with vital force and intent before the ritual. You can throw together a quick ritual kit with on the fly enchanting and your kitchen basically. You can also imagine and create astral representations and use pure will in that fashion. So tools make the job easier but are not required strictly in most cases.

Same with planetary hours. In fact think of it is say rpg terms. If you perform the spell in the proper hour you get say a +4 bonus on it. If you want to use that as an analogy but it isn’t necessary if you are skilled enough and your will certain.

You can use and carry the talisman any day you wish but I would for a few weeks charge it on Tuesdays conjuring the elemental and planetary energy and meditating on it and the intent while charging it with more force.The perfume itself is not necessary but just serves as a medium that is precharged with the energy.


And for the moon, shall I charge a talisman designed to bring me good fortune in whatever phase the moon is ? I mean is it only a question of getting bonus or is there some spiritual laws that we shouldn’t neglect. Such as waxing moon period for growth and vice versa. What do you Think. And by the way. Thanks for your answer.

Another point i would love to mention,I already did almost everything u Said. Except for the evocation of the element concerned. I only charged the talisman with the macrocosmic associated energy on its day of the weak charging it later with associated herbs. Should i banish the enegy in my talisman to start again ?
I mean evoking the element of fire then evoking Mars ? I mean my previous work will be less great and effective then what u say ?


Whatever phase you believe to be most important for your magick. There is no spiritual law dictating timing on the vast majority of work except for special events that would be too difficult to otherwise try, things surrounding rare eclipses and such for example but for common things you don’t have to hold strictly to a time table if you believe you are capable of operating outside of it.

There is no need to do that if you don’t wish too. I gave the elemental and planetary energy format as that seemed what you wished to use but you don’t have to include the elemental energy if you do not wish to do so or you can add that into your next charging without having to start over.


First , Thank you very much for your correspondance.
Second, i said i may start over because i believe there is a certain order to respect, matter of fact i believe that we shouldcharge the macrocosmic energy during lesser greater evoking of hexagram of the planet after charging the element not before. Or Again there is no chronological law in there.
I know u may believe that I complicate things but to your answer i performed several sucessful ooerations as a magician and I failed a lot.
But when i fail i remember that crowley said that any failure is linked with the fact that one or more requirement is Not fulfilled and thus, i try to understand which conditions may be concerned in such specific desire.
I know that the hole system is based on energy, frequency and vibrations, a lot of psychological things are linked better then perhaps paying attention to the moon phase. I know that we should more pay attention to the way we drive the proper desired energy into the proper manner in conformity with what we need to manifest.
Did i miss a point ?


A lot of it comes down to how you mind works and how it consolidates energy together. A lot will be based on experience and practice for the individual so if you feel the need to do it over then by all means do it again just try tto not overthink it.


Planetary and Astrological Magic are the only date/time specific for the practice.
My Ceremonial associates often get frustrated, waiting for the right time and date.


Please give me some details

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YAAAASSSSS, thank you! That’s the elements I associate those tools with, but it seems more people go the wand=fire, athame=air route. I’m trying to remember which system I learned that from, lol.

Haha, I love that analogy!


Hermetics I would guess. That is the system I got it from so some hermetic branch probably gave it to you.