Ceremonial magic to get anything you want

im making this post to counter claims made by the occult community that ceremonial magic is a sort of impractical exercise meant only to “charge up the batteries” of the magician. there are HUNDREDS probably even thousands of rituals of ceremonial magic to effect the physical world.

so im gonna teach you guys this ritual for acquiring any physical object. but first im gonna break down ceremonial magic so any and all can understand what it is and how to use it.

before and after you preform a ritual of cerimonial magic you must conduct the exercise known as the “cross of the kaballah”. why before AND after? think of it as the hello and goodbye you must say to the higher self that allows manifestation to occur, “aloha” if you will…(trust the format guys, there are many RITUALS of ceremonial magic but there is only one CEREMONY)

after you preform the cross of the kaballah, ceremonial magic breaks down into 3 parts. Initial visualization/Kabbalistic exercise, the drawing and circling of sacred symbols, and the calling of 4 spirits/turning the energies.

1:INITIAL VISUALIZATION/Kabbalistic exercise

this portion of ceremonial magic includes structuring an object, various energies, and even events you wish to manifest. some rituals require the magician to summon up energies from within the self by the vibrations of the god-names of the spheres of the kaballah. i am defining those as “kaballistic exercises”.

this step is often left out by occult writers for some reason, probably because they don’t know it fully enough to write about it. additionally hermeticists implore you to focus on the use and wrapping of ceremonial “tools”…this is stupid. you need no tools for this type of magic, don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.

at this point before i continue I’d like to address the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram. you will notice in every form of teaching there is about this ritual there is NO initial visualization. this is the inherent Genius of this ritual, having NO visualization in a basic banishing is perfect because that it the result you want! the visualization is NOTHING because you want to be left with NOTHING. get it?

2:Drawing the sacred symbols

using your finger(not a knife or a wand) you are going to project a colored energy into the form of a symbol. this color is going to be whatever the ritual calls for.(green for earth, red for fire, blue for water ect.) as for the symbol itself you have MANY choices, you can use the upward pentagram, the downward pentagram, the hexagram(or seal of Solomon as its often referred to as) and many more. i suggest you do some research into sacred geometry for this section.

once you have the symbol drawn you have to circle it with the same energy(color) the symbol is made of. clockwise (to the right) for the power of invoking, and counterclockwise (to the left) for the power of banishing.
draw the symbol again 3 more times around your circle untill you have one at each of the cardinal points.(east,west,south,north)
you must now connect the 4 symbols you drew around your circle with a line of energy. (usually colored to match the symbols, but sometimes specifically different)

3:calling the spirits and turning the energy.
spirits of all stripes know what ceremonial magic is. and so long ago they made pacts to assist mankind in his workings. you can call any 4 spirits you like to the edges of you circle merely by naming the group of 4 spirits you wish to call(yes there are cliques of spirits) and vibrating their names one by one. you could call upon the 4 angels of the watchtowers Micheal, Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel. or you could call upon the demonic gatekeepers as well as groups of spirits who are wholly elemental in their nature.

you call them for this task, forming the summoned energies and turning them. the energy you collected in the previous steps must be turned CLOCKWISE. don’t let anybody tell you differently. (the power must be INVOKED, even a banishing must be INVOKED)

for rituals of greater power the magician must be aware that the spirits arent able to spin the powers for you like they can for rituals of lesser energy, it is at this point they can only hold and give form to the energy, the magician must turn the energy himself.

now that that’s out of the way lets get into why you’re really reading this post.


initial visualization:
this ritual begins with the vibration and activation of the kaballic spheres in a specific order

begin by vibrating mars(geburah) and visualize the bright red sphere of energy in your right shoulder. next vibrate Neptune(chokma) and visualize the muted sphere of light just above your left sholder and just outside your body. now vibrate the name Jupiter(chesed) and visualize the bright blue sphere in your left shoulder. vibrate now the name Saturn(binah) and visualize the black sphere just above your right shoulder just outside of your body. now vibrate Sol(tipareth) and see the bright golden sphere in your solar plexus(the place your ribs meet). finally vibrate Terra(malkuth) and visualize bright white light forming from the spheres you’ve vibrated previously, have the beams of white light come down from each of the spheres separately and meet at SOL(tipareth) have the light then beam down through your body down to your feet where it shall explode into a storm of green fire that envelops the magician’s circle.
in the green flames you will structure the object you desire.

Drawing the sacred symbols:

you will draw your sacred symbols out of green earth energy and circle them in the banishing format. connect them all with a line of green fire.

calling the spirits/turning the energy:

any spirit may carry these energies.
finally say out loud " i call forth from the world to bring me my ___ "
have them spin the energy clockwise.

that’s it! ^___^

additional notes/faq:

how long until i get what i want? well that depends on you, there is a direct connection between physical fitness and magical omnipotence so the better shape you are in the faster it will manifest. so about 1-2 weeks for the physically fit, and about a month to a month and a half for those who just cant put down the doughnuts.

is there a way to add more power to rituals of ceremonial magic? specifically THIS ritual? there are ways to add more power to these rituals. first and foremost is a technique that i call “the applied priesthood”. (this of course requires you are actually the priest of a god or spirit and have been given the energetic mantle of power that comes with such a title) in the final stage of the ceremony while the spirits turn your energies for you, you can say “in the name of ___ so mote it be”. the next method is incredibly deadly if done wrong or too many times so for liability reasons i’m not gonna tell you how to do it, i will tell you the name so you can seek it out on your own; “the violet flame overcharge”.

ready for the specific method of powering THIS ritual? its easy as hell. just preform a ritual of invoking earth energy and do not banish the energy. just go ahead and preform the acquiring ritual.

final notes on the ritual itself:

the incantation at the end… its very important that you NOT alter those words. you are calling up the physical world to bring you an object, not just ANY object, YOUR object. you have to claim it not just wish for it. it has to be YOUR thing and the earth nay the WORLD is bringing it to you.

why banishing? why not invoking? shouldn’t i be calling the energy TO me not AWAY from me? the energy you are sending forth was specifically charged with the intention formed in the initial visualization, as well as with the incantation. these forces program the energy with a predefined will. and that is to bring you back what you desire, its some pretty mysterious stuff when you think about it…

where did i learn this ritual? in my room dude! :slight_smile: there was of course a demon in service to Beelzebub by the name of Malphastos there teaching it to me.
Beelzebub has a legion of demons in his service called “umagariel” who are his teachers of ceremonial magic. contact them if you want ceremonial magic rituals of all kinds.

one more thing, before you go and start commenting on this ritual, go out and DO IT! try it before you talk shit please. i know this is the internet and somebody is gonna try and troll this posting. but please do this ritual, its for you out of the goodness of my heart. cuz lets be honest i didnt have to post this but i did.

i hope all of you have success with this ritual within a week …any longer and some of you may have to put the nachos down for a while. :slight_smile:


What I’m most interested in is, do you have to be very familiar with the ins and outs of Kabala (including how the cool kids are spelling it this week!) before you can use this?

Because I’m not for a start, I know the basics but have never pathworked it or anything, and I suspect some other people here are in a similar situation.

Is there a specific color for getting a job? or not?

[quote=“Lady Eva, post:2, topic:5900”]What I’m most interested in is, do you have to be very familiar with the ins and outs of Kabala (including how the cool kids are spelling it this week!) before you can use this?

Because I’m not for a start, I know the basics but have never pathworked it or anything, and I suspect some other people here are in a similar situation.[/quote]

absolutely not, if you can vibrate a godname and awaken the power even just a lil bit, then you can do this ritual no matter what your level of understanding is.

Globalitz… this ritual is for PHYSICAL OBJECTS. like a tv or a big pile of money. its not gonna get you a job. i recommend evoking spirits to accomplish that end

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