Celtic Gods/Goddesses

Interesting … There are many gods and goddesses of magic, and even more interesting, some gods/goddesses were pre existing before time.




Yeah, the ancient Celtic pantheons are a subject of interest to me as well. I have even heard some say that not all Celtic gods and goddesses were even of a spiritual nature. Because of the great lengths taken to destroy the sacred heritage of that region it is almost impossible to tell which are gods in the literal sense, or mortals of godly reputation. I personally think that the Tuatha De Dannan were a real group of people, so it is possible that some of their gods were as well, in a similar sense that some believe the ancients in other cultures walked among their gods, like in Sumeria.


I could see some tribalism, even though it would be what, four or five tribes if the countries were tribes, though on a clan basis, lots in Ireland and Scotland, I assume the same of Wales and England.
Someone raised a point in another post, how humans used magic … Basically until gods took it away. I see a lot of humans in that list that are still considered deity.
Lots of esoteric keys in Celtic lore.


Some of those descriptions are incomplete, badb in particular. However with that set aside, as it matters little…
The Celtic tradition is amazing. It has so much to offer, particularly Goddess Morrigan (if she chooses to work with you, she’s been known to be selective you see) Cerridwen from what I’ve heard is intense and doesn’t joke around but can teach a lot. I really suggest it. For you, Lugh comes to mind.


Thanks much :slight_smile:

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Yeah id start with Cernunos and Lugh or whomever you feel drawn to and see where it goes. Joey Morris/Torvol has a YT channel with some Celtic tradition info. Study the ogham as well, handy divination system (also a spell craft system.) The tradition also has a handy fae connection.