Cell phone pic of spirit/demon

a couple years ago my younger twin daughter, who live in a house where there is alot of ‘spirit’ activity- took this pic of a spirit/demon coming through a drape by a window. Absolutely nothing scarey ever happens; if anything they feel quite protected. but her head is so munged up with mormony christoidyness, that even though she is spiritually sensitive and everyone is sure her older son is a budding medium, she does not know what to make of it. She is not feeling the need for cleansings or excorsism, just some concise answers. First thing out the gate when I heard about it and saw it was it was “Belial or one of his Familiars” who has kinda 'assigned himself to her as she is recently freed from a mormon polygamist cult torture compound for 10 years of captivity. But at the time I 'said that- i had barely become familiar with Belial- and truly did not know anything about him. If anyone can take the pic and work with contrasting it and 'fixing the image so it can be easier to see, and or ‘skry out’ who or what it is, she and all of us would be happy. The original pic was abit darker and easier to see- but this one is not so easy to see. Looking foreward to any help. Thanks