Celebrity prayer candles, what do you think?

articule on celebrity prayer candles

Honestly, I could never see myself buying that. I mean, regular prayer candles with saints on them, I don’t use anyway, and the whole idea of putting some left wing celebrity on them appeals to me even less. What do these people do to deserve sainthood anyway?

Pretty sure it’s just gimmicky/ironic marketing. Purely novelty. That being said I want a Betty White candle.

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You could say the sane thing about anyone of any political persuasion.

Besides, they’re just candles. If you watch some of EA’s videos, particularly those in his evocation course, he uses jar candles with pictures of saints on them for his evocation.


I’d actually love a Sophia candle, lol! Blanche could come in handy, too. These could be good for chaos magicians.


please please please read taylor ellwoods stuff on pop culture magick https://www.magicalexperiments.com/pop-culture-magic-series
i know the idea seems stupid and it probably is to a degree, but it could be harnessed for magick given you actually know what your doing and know how to latch on to those essences and use them and shit.