Celebrating Yule

Is anyone else celebrating the start of Yule tonight?


In a way. lol.

lol i am going all out this year.

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Me too.
Just in a very different way than the nordic tradition.

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I’m new here so please allow me to break the ice with something I hope resembles humor lol. One of my offerings this year is a small amount of gold to King Belial. How I came about this gold was one of my crowns came off. :sweat_smile:


lol…ive noticed that belial is very active tonight…but i celebrate the norse version of yule which is weird…

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God I love Yule lol.

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Orkswill! No reason anyone cant celebrate anyone else’s traditions. That’s a simple result of globalism and a glorious one.


Hope your celebrations went well.

wat is yule

occult christmas

and they went amazingly


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If you don’t mind me asking what’s your Branch affiliation and judging from your reply you’re still in Eyes?

i dont have a specific branch but i am very involved in Asatru

how does one celibrate yule?

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Oh I meant in the military but I do find the Nordic faith quite interesting and I believe I caught your meaning about it being “weird”. I do read runes and I’m in the same boat(I’ll post a pic later when I have some time to work on my profile in earnest.)

thats a good question. there are many ways to celebrate yule but it really depends on what youre doing in the occult and what path you follow. for example i am currently asscociating myself with the path of Asatru so i celebrate yule the Norse way. I party hard and connect with my gods for 10 days starting on the winter solistice which was yesterday. Since i am a volva, my main focus for yule this year is to connect with odin and focus on the runes

oh lol. im an airman in the Airforce

im with the goetiac so how does that work out

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