Celebrating Feast Days?

For anyone who works with Gods and Goddesses, how do you celebrate feast days if you do?

I want to plan a feast day for my matron, The Morrigan. The connection is still new and I dont want to draw too much attention so my best ideas so far include a small altar, beach bonfire and some mead or whiskey. But I also have one friend whose matron is Freya and another who doesn’t know anything about it that both want to be there too so I’m also trying to figure out how to accommodate them. Thank you!

I have only worked with some egyptian gods and now only Lord Nergal. I plan on baking Lord Nergal a prune date cake that was from Mesopotamia. I would say dont worry and do what feels right.

I may be late to this party, but I literally invite those I work with to partake with me. Those I’m closer to are allowed in to taste it through me. I’m the only spiritual person in my family or I’d fix a plate for them, too.