Ceberus: The All Devouring Caterpillar of Darkness

So ive been wondering what the fuck has been messing with me everytime i called on Darkness to consume me, posses me, etc.

Today I reached the end of my shit and i was gonna find out who the fuck was messing with me.
I got into TGS as best I could (no flashing lights and shit) and i demanded to know who was there.

I clearly heard,
“I am Ceberus, The Worm.”

He is also The Three Headed Dog/HellHound. He is Related to Hecate and is part of the Atlantean Current of Black Magic.

He said,

“You call upon Darkness and expect nothing less than I. I am the All consuming force of Hellfire and Hell itself. I am the Mouth of Hell. I am the Demon of Gluttony. I do not take from you when you call on me out of spite, but I simply Am. I have been messing with you to get your Attention.”

I asked Him if he had a sigil, and he said,

“No sigil is necessary. I am the Caterpillar of A Million Eyes. Vizualize a Giant Caterpillar with a Million eyes and chant my name ‘Cerebus’ over and over again. So shall I be summoned.”

The Hellfire in the room got physical and it was burning me. It got even more intense as he spoke.

I have a feeling hes gonna be here for a while.
Hell yes :metal:

The Grand Demon of Ascent :metal:


Interesting. Bookmarked


Like ring worm? Gross. Lol

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Actually this could have been what I seen Chinese dragons are long like caterpillers

Red and gold were prevalent to me and it just kept staring also I have a massive headache right now I’m assuming because of it


Caterpillar hay, go and give it a pat.

Wait so Cerberus is the demon of gluttony? :sob:

And you spelled his name two different ways is it “Ceberus” or “Cerebus”

Wow this is crazy I actually was thinking about him recently

Technically, it’s usually Cerberus. I’m led to believe the misspellings were out of excitement from the experience

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And he’s the demon of gluttony?

But Cerberus isn’t a demon. He’s a whole Titan God, child of two titan Gods Typhoeus and Echidna.

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I’ve never seen him linked to being a demon, but I’m not going to discount OP’s experience because I wasn’t there. I’ve read about Cerberus tormenting souls guilty of gluttony in an inner circle of hell, but that’s about it.