CE-5 Initiative

OK so this is something that I’ve been into for quite some time and have had several quite astonishing successes with. If you aren’t a believer in ETs, UFOs, etc, then you most certainly will be after putting this stuff to work.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, the term CE-5 was coined by Dr. Steven Greer who has played a major role in a massive disclosure project and has made two full length feature films on the subject of ETs, UFO, black budget technology, etc.

CE-5 stands for close encounters of the 5th kind; human initiated contact. The methods for achieving this are quite simple, and I can attest from ample personal experience over the past few years that this shit is undeniably real. Not only do these methods work but they are repeatable and, unlike spirit evocation, the results can be witnessed by anyone present, documented and verified with video evidence.

This can be done alone, or in a group setting (the more the merrier) most effectively outside city limits away from light pollution, using simple meditation techniques along with the power of intention. These two things are all that is needed although many people have also utilized things like audio frequencies and lasers for signaling. Basically the idea is to open yourself up to what’s called “non-local consciousness” through meditation, essentially inviting any intelligent beings in the area toward you, by beaming love energy and intention outward into space. Since consciousness pervades all things the ETs are able detect like a radio frequency and will show up to investigate. This method has a 100℅ success rate. By using these simple CE-5 techniques we are able to vector in ET craft to materialize out of thin air and show themselves in all their brilliance. Like evocation the key to this is intention, suspension of disbelief, and persistence. The ETs will show up every single time without fail. Some have even taken it a step further by communication with the inhabitants of the craft telepathically.

The results of my own personal experiences with this have been nothing short of astounding and I hope that I’ve inspired some of you to explore this phenomena yourselves. If you’ve never seen a UFO and would like to then I’d suggest giving this a try. With the power of consciousness itself we are able to act as ambassadors of earth and contact ET any time we want. For more information simply google CE-5. There are several groups doing this all around the globe so you may even find a group in your area to join.

I personally feel that this practice can be very beneficial for occultists as its somewhat similar to evocation and could prove to be good practice to further developed ones abilities in those fields.

Any thoughts?


Now I can fulfill my long time dream of being abducted by aliens!


I’m in.


Haha, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re after some kinky objective with thos one


No, no cross-species sexual endeavors. I would be one of the first humans to experience a whole new galaxy of exploration and learning.


That’s something to look forward to

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Fear works too.


Fear works for what?

I’ve been a follower of Greer for a while myself. Interesting guy, with some interesting insights on consciousness (you should check out Richard Dolan too). I really want to go out to one of his overnight CE5 expeditions. I fully believe in ETs, as to me, the universe is just too large for them to not exist. I’ve never tried it myself @zer0rez but I’d love to hear about some of your experiences



Are you talking from personal experience? I guess I’m confused about what you mean. Meditating on feelings of fear? If that’s what you mean then my first inclination is to flat out disagree but I suppose I can’t knock it until I’ve tried it. Which I have not. Kind of a weird idea. Fear tends to act as a repellant, which is why its often considered opposite to love, which is alluring.

It’s works. The more people involved the quicker. It’s

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Well actually believe it or not the first time i ever did it was on accident while tripping on 25i-NBOME (a very friendly synthetic mescaline analog) with my best friend Tom. Now although 25i is a psychedelic its very mild visually especially at the low dose we took, so we weren’t seeing shit that isnt really there physically. Anyways we were laying on my back lawn looking at the stars and listening to an album called “cut my throat” by Atrax Morgue which I think may have been a major contributing factor to ET’s curiosity that night (that album is straight up abrasive psychedelic alien synth noise, most people wouldn’t even consider it music). Anyways I guess the drugs must have had us in an induced state of non-local consciousness and for some reason I was totally expecting to see a UFO and then it actually happened. One after another we were visited by three huge bright orbs of almost angelic looking white light. They circled over head a couple times and one of them got so close we could see a ring of smaller pink, indigo, and green lights on the craft. I ran inside to get my girlfriend so she could see but she only got to see them as they were leaving, at which point both me and my friend felt an intensely loving telepathic farewell, almost like a psychic embrace, and then they were gone.

That night changed my life. It wasn’t until after that night that I discovered the CE-5 initiative. Since then I’ve done it sober a handful of times with varying results, sometimes they’re kind of shy and reluctant to get too close, but there’s never been a time when they didn’t come.


I don’t think I wanna hang out with ETs that can smell fear lol


I can believe there are aliens and they have been here. I find hard to believe and quite a stretch that you actually think we communicate with them through meditation. It has nothing to do with fear.

Please make an introduction.

I am also interested in this shit.

Same or similar principles of evocation, interesting however i am always questionable about the whole narrative “with wholesome love and light” thing.

I always expect certain beings if not all to be hostile.

Don’t knock it till you try it.

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