Cave of Eyes: AKA You had one job!

I’ve been trying to astral project lately. During my meditation, I opened all my charkas and focused on creating the mental image of looking at my own body.When I feel like I moved I “open” my eyes and see I’m inside a cave with eyes embeded into the rocks; every one of them blinking and staring at me. I looked at them, politely said “Nope. Not today”, and floated back out.

So first question. What the hell was that? Second question. How do you overshoot less than a meter away by that much?


Sounds like you did a modified version of the Point Shift method but without the point, it helps you stay focus on that area but you didnt lol, it could also be that you needed to see that


You got what you asked for. Something helped you see yourself.


I’ve recently evoked Paimon and asked him about this particular adventure. This is the place I need to go to when I meditate if I want my senses to improve.

They could have made it less bizarre looking. Maybe add some curtains so it looks more inviting.


I try to ask that before I nope out, but I don’t usually nope out on purpose. I’m still having trouble not getting startled back into my body. But then I use Robert Moss’ methods to go back right in where I left off, though it’s hard to get as lucid at first.

Cool update! Sounds like the vernacular to me.

Be nice if we could learn the way humans learn - have it explained first and then go experience it. Doing it experience first requires a lot of trust and a lot of running around afterwards piecing it together while trying not to 2nd guess yourself too much. )Which is why I don’t post much of my stuff on here, I’m convinced I’m sane as long as I don’t try to explain it all in detail :slight_smile: )

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