Cautionary tale, how I almost got a guy on a bicycle killed

I was driving home, I was in a pretty good mood because I had just got another bottle of dragon’s blood oil for my local metaphysical shop. On a related note, this shit is fucking fantastic, like a energetic Napalm bomb in a bottle.

I feel my energy start to ramp up because I’m in such a good mood, and I see some dude on a bicycle just try to whip across the street, not looking in any direction.
I hope you get hit by a bus. Was the thought I had, in about 4 seconds later, the dude got hit by a fucking truck.

Even as I was laughing at the fact that I know that I caused that, I did get out and help him, he wasn’t injured, but a good lesson seem to have been taught.

Dude should be glad that I didn’t have malicious intent.

Honestly, could have been Coincidence, of course it could have been coincidence, if I wasn’t a black magician… But then again, how many of us truly believe in coincidence?


How was he not injured?

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I’m a longboarder. I’ve been hit twice, without sustaining any injuries.

Magically speaking, he could have been protected by someone or something, as I was.

Or. The vehicle was either not fast enough or he flew over the vehicle, rather than being ran over.


My friend is a responsible cyclist. He was cycling on his way to his local train station when someone determined that he was not worthy of attention and drove straight into him, this was compounded by the fact that this person then drove off leaving my friend with broken ribs, femur, shoulder and bleeding to the brain.

My friend was in a coma for 4 weeks, eventually the hit and run was identified and caught. Somehow associates of the driver discovered where my friend was hospitalised and decided to pay a visit to check ‘how much he remembered’.

My friend has a doctorate, several masters degrees, and is not reckless in his behaviour (not all cyclists are believe it or not). He has had to relearn EVERYTHING.

I don’t know what to make of this post, other than it smacks less of remorse at someone’s accident and more of “look how powerful I am without even trying”.

Think you’ve finally made up my mind with this place.


I had a similar experience with some thugs in a suburban that was always showing up to my job to intimidate me. My intent was very deliberate though in how I wanted whoever that was following me to get into a wreck. Their truck crashed the next week. I have no clue why it took that long. I doubt they were out there every day since I had rotating shifts.

I was hit by a Doberman running into the side of my front tire. Flipped my bike and “bullet-time” proceeded. I managed to turn sideways in the air and slide on my back. No I didn’t have a helmet on. I had a plastic container for papers in my backpack. Ruined my front end of my bike and I tore my elbow a little. The dog, bike and me lay in the road for a while.

Happy, the large chained up mutt nearby was barking and I could see the huge trucks plowing down the road. I managed to get up and drag my bike to the side. The Doberman dragged his rear legs back to his house.

I then walked home yelling at the bitch nearby who didn’t have the decency to keep her dog chained to avoid this. I hobbled the 4 miles home.

What I got from this post.
1: As magicians we should guard and control our thoughts. Intentional or not we can affect either our own lives or the lives of others for good or bad.
2: No matter what you are doing keep an eye out and focus on what you are doing.
3: A reminder why I never trust drivers. Just last night I was walking home and the sign said that I could cross the street so as I was doing it some fucking peice of shit decided that he was going to go and almost hit me. :frowning:


So, dude didn’t do anything to you or yours, and you think he should be grateful you think you only caused him to be hit by a truck? Sure buddy.

You obviously don’t need any consolation but I don’t think you caused it. He attracted it to himself and you caught the vibes around him, giving you a premonition.


Hey, I got out make sure it wasn’t dead. He told me that he felt okay and that he didn’t need medical treatment, even though he did have a fairly Wicked road rash on his left arm.

He is going to need new bicycle though.

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Also, if you ride a bicycle, understand that other people are on the road. And even though they’re supposed to be looking out for you, you should look out for them as well. I’ve had to slam on the brakes and send the contents of my vehicle flying multiple times due to the people carelessly just cutting across the road on their bicycles without looking around.


I agree bike riders can be ass holes as well. Many wont call out or make a noise that they are passing by you they just speed past you and often very close to you. :confused:

You might be right, I will not rule it out, especially in hindsight.

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See, bicycle or longboard, I almost never use the bikers lane simply because people where I live are too stupid to be aware of what’s going on. I’m almost always on sidewalk now. Not because I was hit, but because no one pays any attention.

Another case similar to what you mentioned, is when a pedestrian has the right of way, but people are too caught up in what they’re doing to give a damn and when they do give a damn its too late.

However I do understand that people on bikes need to watch.

Anyway, onto the actual discussion, this essentially falls in line with what I think. It was hardly fair and it reeks of being self absorbed.

Dame :smiling_imp::japanese_ogre:

You should visit India. Almost every vehicle driver here needs to learn some good lesson.
While I was learning how to drive a scooter, my dad always told me that you need to be careful, people here are idiots. Just remember, you’re the only one who has eyes.
This was 4 years ago and I use it till this date. :roll_eyes:


Well, the truck and the bike were already on a collision course. It takes time to set that stuff up on purpose but none to take credit for it.

Right I was talking about the op

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Oh bike lanes and opening car door… it’s not so easy for bikers at times. Riding almost in the gravel, broken glass, nails, screws in the sides… vehicles that don’t give a fuck…

And Saturday, this fucking huuuuge fat hippo woman dressed in all purple (maybe grimace’s sister) purposely filled and walked the bike lane. I was like WTF!?!? Gtfo of the lane and onto that huge wide sidewalk you fucking elaphant sized bitch.

I had to swerve way out into the traffic lane and bike like a mofo so the truck behind me didn’t plow me to chunky mush… which hippo bitch would have consumed.

And she knew she was doing it as she flipped me off and looked back smiling…

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Dude, I already looked at it in retrospect so, the fact that I felt the feeling just before the dude got hit and I had been projecting aggravated energy towards the guy combined with the fact that he did get hit may have altered what I thought was happening.So put the pitchforks down bro.

I’m quick to admit when I’m wrong.