Cause a man's wife to be inflamed with lust (for him)

I’m friends with a married couple who’ve been married for fifteen years and are almost forty years of age. He loves his wife dearly, as she loves him. However, in the past seven years or so, sex is completely boring for him, even when it happens (which is rare - once a month at best). He tells me she is not interested in sex at all (despite him being somewhat attractive), doesn’t like to think about it, and never speaks of it. She has become a seeming impenetrable iceberg. He does not want to cheat on her, and also doesn’t want to leave her because they have several children together, whom they love dearly. He is actually a very liberal minded man who would love to explore his sexuality further, but she is a huge obstacle for him.

I’m thinking about performing a working of lust to ignite in her an insatiable desire. Any suggestions on a working in particular? Any input in general about the motive here, etc?

The best thing to spice up a marriage is a blonde your wife doesn’t know about

That would certainly spice up his sex life. I suspect he might already be messing around with someone. But this is about sex between him and his wife.

Speak with Lilith
My advice…
If you pay her right, she will make that woman desire her husband every second of her life, without changing any bit of her and him, you though cant really say!

These are always complicated matters. It could be she harbors resentment towards him and he’s unaware, she doesn’t find him attractive, she feels unattractive (I hear that many women feel more like a mother than a woman and that causes their sex drive to decline when they stop seeing themselves as a sexual person).

Given that he’s comfortable enough to tell you about his sex life or lack there of, I’d suggest he talk to his wife about hormone supplements to help boost her libido.

He could try taking her away for the weekend and putting his semen on a candle and burning it to put his pheromones in the air. Also you could work a set of sexual organ candles for the couple binding them to each other sexually.

If you feel comfortable talking to the wife about these problems perhaps she could provide insight into the problem so that you can have a more clear goal to work towards.

If all that fails well…are you a hot blonde?

On the flip side, if they aren’t having sex and worse, aren’t even capable of talking to each other about it, there are probably much deeper issues in their relationship so a simple “sex working” may prove to little to over come these?

With this in mind, perhaps working with a healing entity (Raphael?) to “close the wounds of their relationship” or even Glas’yos (BOA) who is said to “bring calamitous situations to a peaceful resolution.”

Of course I could be over reading things but that is the vibe I’m getting. I’d be inclined to ask more questions of your friend to clarify (unless you don’t want to be so involved) as well as maybe doing some divination

Ok, i will say here a simple thing that will work.

Get a object that the target has touched. Pieces of underwear will work very good, i dont even need to say why.

Put the piece with the astral energy of the target inside of a brown bag.
Mix sugar, honey and orange peel. Close it with a red ribbon.

At night, when the target is sleeping. Light a red candle and hold the sack with your right hand. While gazing into the candles flame use candle magick with your imagination to create lust on the target, this has already been described in the BALG ebook.

After doing it, gaze at the sack and do the same, giving commands as you were talking to the target.

Now here is the secret:

Get a glass of water.
Put the sack under your bed and put the glass of water ON it.

Your spirit will travel into the glass and will work and feed the sack.

Keep doing this daily until you get results.

If it dont bring strong results…

Add red pepper to the sack.

Remember to use also the concepts of the Chicken Feet Curse that E.A. told on his newsletter or video on youtube.

Also taking a bath in a tube with vannilla sticks and after the bath take a bit of the water of the bath and sprinkle a bit of it daily on the bed where the couple sleeps.

Calling spirits powers while doing such magick works great.

-> Your friend is supossed to do it, not you.

My friend came to me today and told me he’s in the process of building a Druid Stone Circle as an area for meditation and workings. I suggested your working to him, Divinator. I also referred him to this forum to review the topic. He seems interested in embarking on a journey toward living godhood.

Sounds like he is gyno, Estrogen bloated, and limp. He needs to lift heavy weights. Ramp up the testosterone, Not burn incense and stare at candles.

I hate to disappoint your friend, but Demons don’t care about marriage. They mock the things of God. However, it has been my experience that if he leaves an open Sigil of Sitri, it will form lust around him. Perhaps a better way still would be to hat a red candle, light it, and slowly bring it close to his Solar Plexis 3 times; each time filling his mind with love for his wife. I would repeat this process 4 times. Meaning, 12 times bringing the candle into his Solar Plexis. Let him think in his mind its his wife’s head he’s pulling in. Do this for 7 nights. This way he’s going after her heart first. The sex should follow. Perhaps using both would be the way to go.

If someone is not feeling sexual it is a hormonal imbalance, based out of excess estrogen from environmental chemicals, poor diet, mental stress, and naturally declining T levels. The sex hormones are completely responsible for feeling well and being all around healthy. A loss in sex drive for a man is a major concern hes deep in an andropause state. No faggy candle ritual will help in fact, it can make things worse.( cus that shits lame) I’m pretty knowledgeable about nutritional science and the optimization of proper hormone levels. This guy needs to start lifting heavy. fasting during the day, increasing healthy fats in his diet, lowering carbs, and taking to start 50mg of zinc a day. Same goes for women, though they must optimize progesterone and lower estrogen levels in the same ways.

…but it could just mean hes grossed out by his wife and sick of her dumb shit. Still though.

I’m mistaken that this was about “his” lack of interest, but the same is true for a women as far as optimizing hormones. Women who exercise regularly and ramp up progesterone through diet will become literally more sexual. A decline in this hormone increases many health risks and overall well being. and maybe it’s his dumb shit… Ritual would only be a band aid for this. meno or adnropause needs the right attention or things like this occur.

I’d make a poppet of each from red flannel. Stuff her with an eve root, cinnamon, damiana, catnip, dragon’s blood resin powder, and ginger.
Do the same with the guy, except you use the Adam root instead of the eve root.
Sprinkle each doll with fire of love conjure oil. Take a vulva candle and carve her name in it. Take a penis candle and carve his name on it as well (they should be red).
Burn dragon’s blood incense while you anoint each candle with fire of love. Place the two candles close together towards the back of your work space. Light each candle, commanding that the couple become enflamed with lust for each other. Tie a red string around the waist ofeach doll and encourage them as you bring them closer and closer.
If the man can get the woman’s personal concerns (as well as donating his own), you should stuff them in the appropriate doll. Burn down both candles and have the husband deposit them under their bed. The dolls will be wrapped in both their underwear and stored in a box fumigated with dragon’s blood.
To also try to hit where they may be having matrimonial problems, I suggest writing their names on papers, wrapping them around personal concerns, and burying the papers in a box of sugar. You need only to affirm that the couple become sweeter to one another. Bury this box in a potted plant and gift it to the couple so that it stays in their home.