Has anyone done any rite that changes the causality ??
Or can anyone see / predict causality?
In the world of black magicians, would knowing about causality be a powerful act ??images%20(10)


I try to include causality into every work that I do, since I like to let causality work in my favour rather than to power punch my desired result right through the door.
But a rite only for the sake of changing causality? Nope, at least not deliberately.

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Do you even Kybalion, bruh? :smiley:

The Kybalion PDF, archived link (we don’t trade PDFs on here as a general rule but this one is okay, the text is out of copyright and the edition was given for download from the site that created it).


Sorry, I think I exaggerated the idea of ​​"a rite to change causality" …

Can you talk more about your work through causality or how do you include her in your jobs ??

Many thanks @Lady_Eva ! Always kind to the newbies! You are amazing!

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sure, I’ll be right back on that as soon as I’m back home :slight_smile:

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Whew, lets see if I am able to express how I use that stuff in my personal workings :slight_smile:
(Please always keep in mind that I am using my own point of view about causalities here, so pls, everyone who is involved in it on a professional level: bear with my ramblings, I have obviously no idea what I’m doing/saying)

Whenever I do whatever kind of ritual, I want something to happen (I want an effect). In order to reach my goal - the “effect” - I have to make something cause said goal, somehow.
Since I am a control freak extraordinaire , I can’t let that happen just randomly. I need to know all kind of causes for my desired effect. I need to figure out in my head what causes which effect and which effect might bring forth another cause and what cause could spoil the effect and so on.
Of course I can’t do that forever or else I would sit for the next ten years here figuring causalities out without actually DOING anything at all :slight_smile:

So I just make a really quick recap of the most likeliest scenarios that would lead to my desired effect (but I won’t forget about those that could cross my work, either) and then, instead of the main goal, I would put my ritual effort into the causes, so I can go and use them in the right time at the right point, making causalities fall into the perfect place for me. Et voila.

Thats roughly it,I guess.


I understand!
Interesting approach, it crossed my mind!
I think there are two entities that can even help with this …
Thanks for the answer!