Caught this right now

Moving across the sky


Another one too


I just had to do it. Call me soft but I cried at that scene.

Being serious now it might be a meteor or space junk, I’m just guessing.

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Yeah apparently there was something near earths atmosphere that heading for earth. This must have been it. Awesome to see though :slight_smile:

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Possible. Just as long as it doesn’t hit us. There was some asteroid that looked like a skull face that was supposed to do a fly by.


Possibly also moving meteors from close to orion, could fit in with a prophecy i channeled, awhile back.

There’s been talk about Nibiru (true or not I don’t know) but it said that it brings with it a trail of asteroids and meteors

Let me rephrase that for thousands of years (not 6000 despite what Christianity wants you to believe) it has been recorded under different names to have come by and raised havoc. The question is when will it return, it like with the Yellow Stone Super volcanoe it has erupted many times in the past it just a question of when will it blow again.

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Yeah I read in a science rag a year or two back that NASA believes it has found another planet. They do not have visual confirmation, par se, but there is a massive object in orbit, and it is blocking off enough visuals behind it to track and at least confirm it’s existence. Hell, I remember I had a teacher in the 80’s back in elementary school that told us about a planet x. I walked around for years afterwards talking about it and people looked at me like the village fool. 30 years later, Ancient Aliens is run on TV and all of the sudden I do not look like such a fool, lol. Funny how you can make anyone momentarily credible by putting them on the boob tube…

True, all to true.

out of curiosity, what state are you in?

I’m not from the U.S.A, l’m from London, England.