Cats. what are they?

i don’t know if this topic has come up before on this forum cuz i havent looked. but i wanna say a few things about what i’ve observed about my cat, the cats in this neighborhood and what i’ve learned from the spirits about their species.

cats can astral project. i’ve seen it with my own inner eye. and they don’t need to focus or get into a comfortable position to do so. these creatures can project their astral bodies while still manipulating their physical bodies.

cats can become astrally invisible. meaning if they don’t want you to see their astral form then you wont.

they can be spoken to. and they speak back telepathically. the technique is simple. if you are even slightly familiar with the kaballa you should be able to pull it off. visualize the sphere of uranus/kether within your head and speak to your cat. you must also THINK the words at the cat as loudly as possible while speaking. (if you’ve had a cat for a long time they might do a comical double take like mine did)

cats know exactly what they are and exactly what WE are. as my cat told me “unlike you i don’t need to be told what i am, everything i am was given to me in mother’s milk”.

cats are all energetic vampires. they consume two forms of energy. sunlight. and dark spirits.
they prefer sunlight, they often spend a great deal of time bathing in the sun. they also like to eat minor dark spirits and egregors. shadow people, lesser demons, weak nature spirits and even from time to time bad dreams. (vermin)
if you know anything about kabalah you should know that the central sphere is one of solar energy. they are also vamping this from our bodies. (that’s why they like us so much…that and our species tends to attract dark spirits)

so what are these things? if they do all this they cant be ordinary beasts right? they’re not. their astral bodies are made of darkness but their eyes of light, same as their claws - mighty blades for banishing dark things…
what we have here are a species of DEMON so powerful that they have manifested physical bodies. and their souls are all created in the astral realm (unlike us who have our origins beyond the great divine)

cat fights. there’s a buncha homeless feral cats in this neck of the hood. so i see them interact with each other regularly. confrontations between them are more than meets the eye. cats are sort of bound by a rigid code of ethics. “whoever’s scent is the strongest in the area makes the rules” is basically it. those who try and fight the cat who’s scent is the strongest in that area will usually get wrecked. not just because of a physical smell but because of the astral component of their scent marking.

when a cat sets up shop in an area it creates an astral field that strengthens the cat whenever he or she is in it. (pregnant cats have a stronger scent and thus have greater power)

the fighting process: now this took me a while to see, most cats dont want humans to know they are actually fighting untill they come to physical blows (a rarity). most cat fights look like staring contests to most humans. a cat will notice another cat and eventually one breaks eye-contact and runs away… i had to wait until two of the neighborhood cats slipped up. what i saw blew my mind. these two cats were duking it out with each other on the astral. not just fighting but radically changing size and shape. when i first saw them i almost mistook them for lions or tigers they were so big. then they got bigger and bigger each trying to overpower the other…or so i thought. that was the tactic used by the older more experienced cat to get the REAL upper hand. just when i thought the old cat was about to get bigger again to match his young opponent he shrunk himself so small he could fit into the younger cat’s ear. he ran inside the other cat and tore his soul up from the inside. i have never seen a cat run faster… and they didn’t make a physical sound.

i know this doesn’t have anything to do with any sort of magical practice but i have a cat and i thinks its cool information to have.

one last thing… be kind to your cats… last thing you want is them taking astral swipes at you with those claws… shit hurts…


I am a cat person, so thanks for sharing!


the cat is a symbol of Baal.


This makes me SO sad we can’t have cats here! (Big road nearby, I’d never sleep at night.)

I absolutely love cats, I was raised with lots around and I can totally believe those staring fights are astral/psychic battles!

We have a dog, he’s kind of dim-witted, and also old and leaky, but I love him… wish we could also have some kitties though.

Bast was one of my earliest “friends” in the astral, she and Hathor/Sekhmet share links, arguably even forms of the same being (I interact with them seperately, but I’ve witnessed Hathor become Sekhmet and she’s nobody’s kitty in THAT mode!) and the whole cat-as-mystical-being thing saturated our family when I grew up… :heart:


H.P. Lovecraft absolutely loved cats. In his story “The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath,” Randolph Carter (Lovecraft’s dream avatar) is saved from ghouls by an army of cats, and they speak telepathically!

Kitties are awesome :slight_smile:


Black Cats are masters of astral projection, they can be a great ally to help you master this art.

They have the power to take you out of your body to the astral, when you get familiarized with their Elemental, i was teached this from white magicians.

  1. Lay down in your bed with your black cat next to you.

  2. Caress him and feel the connection between both for a while.

  3. Get into the TGS while focusing in the cat.

  4. After you get focus enough, you see the cats ‘‘Elemental’’ (A very fascinating thing to watch really lol).

  5. At this point you can ask the elemental to take you out to the astral, and you will see how the elemental puts his massive build hands around your shoulders and pull you out to the astral.

  6. After the experience you can just tell him to take you back to your body (not that u cant just go back yourselve) and he will then take you back.


Any animal or insect can have an astral body. It is just that some lifeforms have different forms of intelligence (including inanimate objects) so one may or may not recognize it. But one must keep in mind that like Gods with an energt body cats were in a roundabout way worshipped (and directly worshipped in some cultures) and used for Magickal purposes. So this essentially advances their Soul. As for being given Mothers Milk, like in the Movie The Matrix they are the Lower Forms that act as an Alarm where they are like an Agents familiar…where one can coin the term that the Monarch above the agents head gave the cats Mothers milk =)


I’ve been raised with cats, and still have cats in my family today. And they sure are special, compared to dogs. That doesn’t mean dogs shine in their own way, too, and we had a female dog that was not like any other dog I knew at that time. Like one of our cats, the dog had her maternal instincts awaken towards me and my siblings.

When I was a kid, around 5-6 years old, I did something that angered my father, and the cat we had at that time - female cat with no kitties of her own - came to rescue immediately. That means high pitched roars and claws, with no hesitation to protect her “kittie”. My father got bitten and clawed severely that day. She was special, and even if she past away 20 odd years ago, I still miss her so much. All the other cats were special, too, but they where mostly outside and taught eachother on how to survive.

I always wonder why we rank spirits, despite it’s form, by something we yet can’t master as good as them? If a cat is able to do things as the threadstarter shared, that’s not something of a “Lower Form”. If we were able to do the same, with much more effort than the cat, we see ourselves as “masters”. Sure, we have potential, but sometimes we might overestimate and underestimate ourselves, and others, whether they’re spirits or animals.


Everything with a body at least in this world has a lower nature.

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I have always had kitties who were very much my “familiars” however I have had other animals that did this as well…


glad to see i’m not being shunned for this post.


This will help you see behind the scenes =p


Thank you really fucking much for this thread :flushed:


Oh they do so help you sleep I used to have cats and have not had as good a night sleep since.

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I don’t agree with the following statement, but I that since the subject is about cats…

The founder of the “Moorish Science Temple”, Noble Drew Ali said, “Cats are evil spirits, and if you knew what a black cat was, you would not want one around.”

I TOTALLY DISAGREE with this statement. I had a cat when I was growing up. A skinny alley cat we adopted and named “Tips” because he acted a little “Tipsy.” Crazy cat.

I have always been a cat person and fascinated by cats. As, @Lady_Eva mentioned, cats were considered sacred by the Ancient Egyptians. (Seen “Catwoman”? The Halle Berry version?) They are considered the gatekeepers of the astral and physical realms. It’s so sad that black cats get such a bad luck rep.

“Don’t let a black cat cross your path.”, “No cats on a ship.” etc.

I LOVE cats and I’ll most likely get one someday. I still have yet to see the “Cats” musical on Broadway. Is it still on Broadway?


I’m definitely going to try this and report my findings. I have two adult cats and a kitten, and far be it from me to assume that the ride with the kitten may be a bit different. So glad I read this.


This is great, thank you!

One of my cats is very much my familiar, and it is interesting to see him interact with things no one else sees. Interestingly enough, my familiar cat actually is completely uninterested in my pet/familiar python, like he knows the python’s purpose in my life and is completely cool with it. The other cat can’t leave the poor snake alone


Do you do evocations with your cats and are there any dangers for them?


We’ve been watching out cats and noticed something odd. The kitten doesn’t seem to hide that fact that it can teleport it’s physical self. Like it doesn’t know it should be hiding it. He’s ended up accross the room several times in a place where he like to create mischief. The trick is that he’s gray and my room and carpet are all white. He simply ends up there.

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hello, sorry to ask you if it seems rude, but can you please elaborate it? I don’t understand how can I do it, I tried searching on google “sphere of uranus kabbalah” and found some pics but don’t seem to understand any. Thanks.