Cats possessing the ability to speak?

If this is in the wrong category, then I apologize in advance. All right, so cats are associated with the mysterious, and a few cats I have come across have been extremely creepy or made me very uncomfortable because they had an energy around them that did not feel like a normal animal.

Long story short, a friend of mine from Peru says that a close friend of hers saw something extremely strange out in the countryside late one night (back in Peru). It was after midnight in a very rural area, and the guy was walking home from one small Village to another to go back to his house which was located outside of a small town. While walking through the woods he saw a light in the darkness and when he neared it he heard many voices talking in Spanish. Through the trees he clearly saw almost all of the cats from the small town standing around a large fire, walking around on their hind legs and speaking to each other in the Spanish language. He was extremely spooked and took off running all the way back home. She told me the story and I definitely believe it because we are close to each other.

Cats are really weird anyway so I would not put it past them to be up to things like this when humans are not around. Are they familiars, possessed animals, Or some kind of secret race? Has anyone else ever heard of anything like this? I’ve looked around online but I have not found anything that exactly matches the description in this story. Thanks.


I remember reading a book on cats in elementary that they could talk you just have to listen. Idk my cat talked SO MUCH.
We’d ask her questions and shed respond with diffrent meows she was definitely smart

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I know some one who has a cat that can talk she understands him I think it’s the person and their ability not the animal…

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I always find cats interesting cause they communicate in a weird way.

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If we could decode those meows :grin:

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I remember reading once in a book on fairies that like fairies, each cat has one true name. Whatever that means…

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I would believe it.

Each of my three cats at different points has invaded nightmares Ive had and either changed the nightmare/dismantled what was disturbing, or pulled me out entirely. sometimes two at a time, sometimes just one - but never all three to this point.

They cry at the door if i dont let them in for magic work. theyll prowl and sit at the perimeters of my circle and watch - like they just know what to do instinctively. they sleep with me always and mostly in contact. All very vocal and chatty. If im home, they want to be in whatever room im in. They dont climb on my altars.

I have no doubt cats have a very particular connection to the spirit world, and that they can do strange things. Each of my cats at various points ive spoken with about their purpose as familiar, family, protector, and partner in magic work - and they just understand.


Your cats entering your dreams is extremely cool, I’ve never really heard of pets of any kind doing that before. Guess it’s time to adopt a cat.


Witchs best friend.

dont get me wrong i love me some doggies too though :blush:

and yeah it surprised me when they started doing that. once was odd, coincidental, but there have been multiple instances since the first, and im not complaining.

My cat growing up would speak. She would run around in the middle of the night yelling “hello” and “mommy” over and over. It was so creepy because it sounded like a lost toddler. My mom swore she was possessed by a child. When it stormed she would run around the house screaming “oh no!” My current cat doesn’t speak but he meows a lot an answers me when I talk to him.

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