Cataclysmic enlightenment

What is this?? And what is mr Koetting trying to convey when he talks about this? I’m guessing some sort of enlightenment for the ego or endarkenment (only word I can think of to describe my question, forgive me)

Like a self realization for people that walk the path of evil?? I know darkness has nothing to do with evil but hopefully y’all understand

Like are demons cataclysmicly enlightened??

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I think of it as causing so many people to wake the fuck up yourself that it ripples out and causes changes of cataclysmic proportions.

First a brief link to the definition of cataclysm

I think he mean definition 3 “broadly: a event that brings great changes

A example of something cataclysmic would be someone born deaf receiving a cochlear implant.

Suddenly everything they knew has been overthrown and changed their world is no longer as it was (silent) all they knew before had been destroyed/changed/altered with a potentially devastating new reality/knowledge

Their world is not silent, now at times it’s devastatingly noisy even to an unbearable degree (think roar of a jet/rocket/race-track when they’re used to silence). And there’s no going back and changing it. That’s cataclysmic.

Said former deaf person has irrevocably had their perceptions changed forever they’ve had a cataclysmic enlightenment of sorts.

So cataclysmic enlightenment would be something like that but not exactly it’s something specific to that person and their perceptions that’s dramatically life changing for them in some extremely personal way a way that totally overturns/transforms/obliterates something that went before.

At least that’s what I took cataclysmic enlightenment to mean in that context.

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There is the possibility of realizing that that ego is all there is, and that there is nothing else. (yeah, lots of people hate that idea and think it is the worst, and instead try to strive for some sort of “egolessness.” Basically realizing that you are the only sentient being in the universe.