Cat Whisker Spell for Release

Hi there. I have a very close connection and affinity for cats and have 3 rescues (I’ve had all since at least 8 weeks of age).

Some may think it strange, but I have been collecting their shed whiskers the past few months with the intention of doing a releasing type spell. This idea was given to Me by The Morrigan.

Has anyone done anything like this? And are you willing to share your experiences and/or notes?

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what is it that you are wanting to release?

:rofl: lol! I collect my cats fallen whiskers too! My precious whiskers!
I never thought they could be used for a spell!
I cant tell which whisker belongs to which so I just use some of their furr when I do a healing spell for them.
I am interested in the content of this spell you mentioned! Wouldn’t that affect the cat since it’s a link?


@sanaRo that’s pure hoodoo gold. I’m so going to try the yellow candle wish spell for today.

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