Cat that just showed up?

Well i have a stray cat that has just showed up out of nowhere. When it first started coming around my wife and i were going threw some shit. Now we are good but now the cat is chilling inside my house and going pee n poo outside wich is nice lol. I noticed last week that she is prego so my thinking is she is nesting??? Idk i read that if an animal shows up in your path that they are trying to protect you??? Idk lol

Some animals that show up “out of the blue” for no apparent reason are said to be your familiar. Many magicians within this forum and others who practice have a particular animal as a familiar. Check on the internet or read some grimoires on familiars and no doubt they will tell you what a blessing it is to have one and also their purpose for being with you.

Yeah, she would be looking for a safe place to have the kittens. It would be ideal to take her to a no kill shelter that will get her spayed and find homes for them.

If it turns out she’s lost they might be able to find the owners.

She’s not your familiar, she’s asking for help


I understand what your saying but my familiar is a wolf everytime i look into my black mirror my face always turns into a wolf

I thought that too but wouldn’t she just go home or have the kittens outside

I think you can have more than one familiar…if that happened to me, personally I would take the cat in and look after it. The cat giving birth to kittens in your home can only be a blessing in my eyes. I suppose everyone will see it differently


She’s looking for a safe space. Outside isn’t safe, and, didnt you say she was stray?

Stray means homeless. And she’s in a poor state to hunt or scavenge, and can’t leave the kittens for long, knowing outside they are prey.

You know, not everything is about you. Sometimes a cat is just a cat.

Take her to a shelter, ffs