Casual sex is bad for you?

Is it true? What about casual sex with spirits? Succubus?

No, it isn’t. The animal kingdom does it all the time. Humans just made rules for other humans.

Sex is actually really healthy. I think I am in a better place when I am sexually active.

The only time I think it is really bad is when you don’t use protection and open yourself for stuff that can kill you.

With spirits and demons it’s a lot safer since it isn’t on a different plane.

I guess the only way it could be bad truly is if you tell yourself it is.


You also have to watch out for the people that have intentions of harming others, best idea not to go straight back to someone’s place you just met. Or meet at their home.

Other than that, it’s not bad for you in itself. You don’t get the dangers with Demons than you do with humans.

I’d still be wary and confirm they are the actual entities first and not a parasite.

Casual Sex is awesome :fire:

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Yes this too you have to be carful with bar meet up because it truly could be a killer. I agree 100%

But if you get a little it is great.


No it’s not true…its bs. Only risks of causual sex are stds regardless of orientation. If your str8, pregnancy…

Casual sex is pleasure, sensation nothing more…which is supposed to be a positive thing…unless ur a nun.

But masturbating will make your palms hairy