Casual Exploration of Haunted Sites

Does anyone do this?

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Occasionally, but usually I want to do it more than I’m actually willing to do it. Like eating cake. I love the idea, but the affect is never worth it, and I always regret having done it.

Could you explain?

I’m real sensitive to spirits, the dead mostly, and they drag me the fuck down. Most of the time it passes shortly after the encounter but there have been instances that wrecked me for days afterwards. One place in particular was so bad that I never went anywhere near it again, as in driving miles out of the way to avoid it. I have friends who aren’t at all sensitive that visit haunted sites and I always want to go, but there is always the concern that whatever shit is there might have one of the bad reactions.

I would if all of the haunted spots weren’t at least an hour away from my house.

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