Casting at the crepiest place ever?

Hello everyone!

I would like to share and ask something.

I live in a house which is an apartment, but not like a 10-20 stock building just 3-4 stock and 10 apartments/ level.

In Europe this kind of places usually have an underground basement which was built during the wars and people went there when bombing was happening. Now it’s cut and walled and every apartment has a small like 10 square meters “room” .
These images I found on the net to make it easier to imagine it’s like 1-2 floors deeper so 0 windows 0 light only the installed ones.

Nowadays we use this to store our bigger things that we would not use daily so as grill stations, garden stuff etc.

to the point: this place feels sooo scary I don’t feel scared anywhere but this place is damm hard even in daytime. Once I went down in the nights and it was one of the scariest thing. Because this thing is really really big so the whole underground place is as big as a football field and works as a labirint. Small tunnels to go between rooms to rooms. Full of spiders and everything.

And I got that idea that what would it be like to cast a spell there? Or just to bring there spell remainings?

Do you have any experience casting underground or anywhere like this?

Sorry for the long post :slight_smile:

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I would love to have that kind of place, I would make all the walls black mirrors for rituals.

Just to add that, this place is shared and cut into 40-50 small rooms so anybody could go down to their own small room, (but in the nights nobody would I’m 100% sure)

And the rooms does not have doors, it’s a see through fence in a border that you can close so yea I could go down into my own an do a casting or burry something but nothing decoration or so.

I could not accomplish anything magical related in that atmosphere lol, I need some lights and good scents to keep me sane and some music sometimes but yeah that basement at night trying to summon an entity Is pretty creepy

If it feels really bad and you are not fearful usually it could be a negative frequency surrounding it or just entities , use sage and banishing ritual to see if anything changes

It just probably the pattern that we all have that you had to fear in the dark in creepy places.

Also anytime I’m in a creepy place I just ask in my mind or loud if I’m alone that if anyone hear this help me with this or that.

So I’m willing to exchange with anyone :slight_smile: