Casting a spell on someone you've never met and know nothing about

Hi BALG members,

No photos or personal items of the person either. Hope someone can give advise me on this matter.

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You have several links like dna, being the same species (I assume), perhaps shared experiences if you have been to the same areas as your target, a memory of the person, etc.

If you can follow up to observe or check the result then you have enough to work with. A common technique is altering the environment through which they move so that over time they accrue an effect, like binding a thought form to the door of a building they frequently go through or something like that, keyed to them.

Get creative. The limits exist only as you accept them.

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What kind of spell are you wanting to cast? Are you able to print a photo from Facebook? (Screen grab, crop, print.) You could make a poppet/mommet to represent the person, or not inscribe a candle with their name and birth date. There was a rather good post in the Love & Lust Spells section about astrally obtaining a fetish link, but I have never been able to find it again. I’ll have another look.

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Thanks for your great ideas. They really opened my mind.

One of the things I am thinking on doing is a sigil. I use sigils a lot since they’re a simple way to manifest something you want and I’m not familiar with much ways yet. I’ll give this person a nickname based on personal characteristics and use it for creating a statement of intent to sigilize and charge.

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It’s really a non-issue. You can follow any link back to your target. A username, an avatar, something they did or said. If someone did something to me, I don’t need to know who, I just frame my target as “Whoever did X”.
You could waste time finding out more about them, but really, who cares?

As long as you don’t frame it as “Whoever did X to me”, and it turns out it was something you were doing to yourself all along. It could happen, we are our own biggest enemies. Don’t go cursing perceived enemies if you’re prone to paranoia or your ego won’t let you see your own faults.

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VERY wise words…