Casting a love spell on a girl who is devoted to a dark spirit

Season’s greetings.

There is this girl I like a lot. Like many people down here in Mexico, she is part of the cult of La Santisima Muerte (the female form of The Grim Reaper). As it is common in magick, those who are devoted to La Santisima Muerte ask this spirit for help in exchange of an offering. As I have heard, if they don’t do the offering, the spirit will take their life or a loved one.

This girl always used to wear a necklace with a figurine of La Santisima Muerte. It had a red stone above the figurine because its aim is to help with love. Now, she wears a necklace with several stone colors including black. The girl told me that “La Santisima Muerte with a black stone is evil.”

My question is, will La Santisima Muerte attack me or my loved ones if I cast a love spell on this girl? I have this doubt especially because La Santisima Muerte is a dark spirit.

I have used love magick many times with great results, but never on a girl like the one described above.

Thanks in advance.

You could do as divination about that, using a method you trust the most.

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Thank you, Black Flame. Just introduced myself.

Yes. Santa Muerte is a fierce lady. Her black aspect (La Niña Negra, “The Black Girl”) is particularly viscous.
She isn’t dark or evil. She is beyond that. She works on a sense of justice. If you attack or do wrong against her children, you WILL get hurt.