Casting a Love Spell Around Yourself

I’ve read about this on another forum as a safer way of doing a love spell. Can’t find a real explanation about how to do it though and can it work for a specific person that I am targeting?

you didn’t post a spell…

Different spells work for different people

Can you clarify what you mean by “around yourself”?

Do you mean cast a spell upon yourself to be more attractive to potential mates?

Yea, I was wondering if anyone had any spells like that. I read about it on wizard forum but can’t seem to find one.

Why not make one?

it s as simple as a candle spell like in the EAK book. On a friday , venus day, if possible at the hour of venus light a pink candle and meditate on it. imagine what u want it to attract for you. write it down on a piece of paper and burn it.

There’s a bunch of spells like that out there if you’re willing to look.

The question you need to ask yourself is: what is the end goal? Do you want to find a serious romantic partner that will having a lasting relationship or are you looking for a one-night-stand kind of thing?

The answer to that question will determine the motivation for the spell and the effects it will have in the world and it is important.

Since you indicated the spell would act upon you then answering the question will help you find the right spell. If you just want a temporary fling you can look for spells that will enhance your appearance to others or even exaggerate your traits for long enough to attract a fling.

If you want a long-term relationship attraction then you need something more life-changing. What this entails is that you would have to also do some thinking and planning outside the ritual such as figuring out the traits and qualities of this person that would be best attracted to you as you are. And that is important because if you attract somebody to you that is incompatible with you then at best you have a temporary attraction spell that fades because other relationship mechanics cannot fill in the holes of incompatibility.

So anyway, think about that question very seriously and also look through E.A. Koetting’s books as he’s got quite a few love spells in some books and you can adapt them to your purpose with a little creativity.

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In one of his books Konstantinos shared a simple technique to subtly change the way others perceive you (temporarily).

Decide on how you want people to see you- and then turn this into a present-tense statement of intention. So for example, ‘I am beautiful/ attractive/ whatever’. Then visualize your aura around you (see it as being silver), and then start imagining it morphing into something which resembles your goal. In this example you would imagine it becoming sort of sparkly/shiny- kind of like you’re covered in diamonds lol. As you’re imagining your aura changing, repeat the statement of intention as a mantra, and then shout it out one last time (or shout it out in your head if you can’t do it aloud). When you are done with this ‘illusion’, simply imagine your aura turning silver again.

I’ve done this once or twice, and it seemed to work. By work I mean I attracted quite a bit of attention those nights- had quite a few people flirt with me.

You can do this via. Mojo or talisman

Thanks for the advice. I will try Konstantino’s technique. I want a long term relationship with this person so I will look into more of E.A.'s books to figure out what to do or what spirit to use.

Take a love drawing bath for 7 days. That’s way better than just candle work. Start with rose, lavender, and damiana. PM me for a more powerful one