Casting a circle?

Hello, I was wondering if you need to cast a circle when summoning demons? Apologise if I sound stupid, I studied Wicca for years so this is a bit new to me.

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Its not strictly necessary, but it is helpful. Though the circle serves more as a beacon of power than protection. In my experience most demons just ignore the circle whenever they want.


You can if you want to. Most magicians do in some form.

In both of EA’s books Evoking Eternity, and Works of Darkness, he goes into circle casting through visualization. It is important to remember, though, that the circle is more for the magician, to help him establish himself as the centre of Eternity, rather than as protection from the spirits that are called.

Usually, it is the guardian spirits called, like the archangels in the LBRP, that serve as the protection, rather than the circle itself.

I use EA’s Universal Circle in my evocations, as it is designed to aid in the materialization of spirits.


Another important thing to remember is the circle Casting in most instances empowers the aura which is what actually protects the operator.

There are exceptions to this though for example the path of smoke presented in Black magic of ahriman uses a circle ritual ment to align the practioner with the divs and the circle of counter creation which is a physical circle that is made and ritually activated to act as a gate for the divs and legions of arezura.

The Lbrp and its invoking counterpart are to align the operator with the various elements while the hexagram rituals align the operator with the planetary forces. By banishing and invoking certain forces over an extended period of time you can realign your personal energy to That force.