Caste System - Ye Olde'

Before we had a society who placed the value on money there existed a caste system. This working system which allowed the people, who had the highest ideals, has slowly eroded into the system we have today.

Today’s caste system looks something like this :

QC’s – Politicians – Doctors – Lawyers etcetera
Farmers, Soldiers, Bakers, Craftsmen at the top of their craft
Apprentices to all of the above
Dross (people who have no skills, ambition etcetera)

This is a very basic model of the social caste system in it’s current form.

My understanding of this is very basic. It suffices to illustrate how far we have strayed from what is natural. The basis of the caste system allowed for everyone to have a place in society.

The caste system that I believe is most appropriate to our Earth is very simple. It’s all well and good to say that everyone is equal but I do not find this to be true.

In every societal structure there exists people who do not wish to participate in the model that is given. Anthropology suggests that we work best when in smaller groups. We all have a skill set which, when allowed to, we will express in a passionate manner.

The caste system which I believe in places sorcerers at the top, with farmers and soldiers underneath. My reasoning for this is not self importance or anything of the like. It is logical. It is the progression which should proceed a time of house ruin.

Our Earth is our home. Technology, with all of it’s perks, is a mere tool to be used. Although we see it as a major player we are in a time of adjustment.

If we were to approach life with the Earth as the centre player our sorcery would become more powerful.

The quality of life would become better for all.

What are your thoughts ?


The caste system in it’s current form is the problem.

The lack of empathy that the people in power display is lacking.

The caste system, as it is, allows the families in positions of power to hold us in a position where we will be responsible for the death of our Earth. This, effectively, cuts us off from making an effect on our environment.

I’m a dreamer and I like imagining the simplest solutions to any given problem. In a book that I have been reading the caste system is presented, in it’s simplicity.

Which got me thinking about absolutes : all we need, on Earth, to survive is energy and food. Everything else comes naturally. The majority of the problems that I see on Earth would not be here if the right people held a place of power. The only people I ever see who hold the Earth above all else are sorcerers.

So, in my mind all we need is farmers and soldiers to protect the farmers ?

Anything else seems to be an add – on, made necessary by money.

Sorcery could cover the rest.

I have to vehemently oppose any kind of caste system. While I do agree that equality is an illusion, caste systems go too far in the other direction.

A person born into a caste system generally stays in that caste (barring exceptional circumstances), and the members of more prestigious castes have a tendency to walk on those in ‘lower’ castes, causing genuine cases of oppression.

Many born into lower castes could be more effective at the duties of a higher caste’s member, but you would likely never know if a farmer would make a good politician because he will remain a farmer his entire life. To use a practical example, I am middle class in America, and my colored past and birth status has ensured I can not hold high political office; I am not of that ‘caste’. Make no mistake that I could execute the duties of most elected officials far better than those who actually get the title.

Likewise, you will end up with members of the prestige castes that are only there by happenstance of birth, and likely are no more qualified for their position than any of the ‘lower’ castes. A good example of this would be a Paris Hilton.

The history of India is a good example of how caste systems degrade over time, for a real world practical example.

Now, when a caste system is applied in small groups, another problem arises. There just is no way for a person in the higher caste to stay there should the more populated lower caste decides they want to be on top. This can be mitigated with a large population with a standing military, but in a tribal situation, you would have a very hard time keeping people like us under control if you were at the top; you just would not have the manpower once we decided to Hermetically shift the polarity of the tribe against the upper caste.

If you want to go ‘natural law’ style, a caste system really does not fit the bill.

Caste systems offend me deeply and I oppose them in all their forms. Period.

There is only roles, and humans warp that to create unequal opportunity and support. The idea of labeling people as “Dross” is itself without class or merit, as people without skills and goals have no role, and that usually isn’t their doing. If they had been born into a role, they would have a very different life and not be kept down by lack and others’ judgement. Class and caste are a product of human weakness and limitation IMO… created by bullies and oppressors as a salve against the fear of powerlessness.

No, caste system isn’t that bad. It survived for over 4000 years. Even after invaded countless times the fabric of ancient India is still intact. Mostly due to caste system. Also it was a great way of transferring knowledge/technology in the pre-modern world.