You know when a certain demon’s name or word pops into your head repeatedly or you keep seeing it online and it’s usually a sign that something is reaching out to you? I keep seeing the name Castaneda everywhere I look.

Now I am aware that he was an author of occult based books, correct? I looked up some info online and apparently he died in the 90’s maybe and he had a son that’s about my age. I think something is calling me to look into his work, has anyone here ever used Castaneda’s work? If so, any recommendations and where can I look into buying his books?

The few books that I saw online were like E.A’s books, they were way up there in price.

Carlos Castaneda seems fascinating and he was pretty popular in the late 1960’s and the 1970’s. His area was in the shamanism and his books was written with an “interview” point of view where a native American called “don Juan” was his teacher and mentor.

Like Sylvia Brown, the teachings of Castaneda have been questioned of his books being fictional, rather than non-fictional as many followers claims. But this is a dilemma that follows many occultist writers anyway.

I found an extensive article about him. Read it and investigate this further:

[quote=“RavensAscent, post:1, topic:7156”]If so, any recommendations and where can I look into buying his books?

The few books that I saw online were like E.A’s books, they were way up there in price.[/quote]

You can get them all day on Amazon for next to nothing, especially used. They practically give them away.

He presents fictional experiences as his real life experiences to promote his ideas and philosophy. He has been quoted to death by new age, occult, and philosophical writers for decades which in an ironic way gives him some amount of credibility. I’ve read his first three books and while I think he is way overrated, whether fictional or not he does give some interesting accounts of psychedelic experiences under the influence of peyote , and he does make some interesting philosophical observations at times. His books are meant to be read chronologically starting with The Teachings of Don Juan. You may find it interesting or it may bore the shit out of you. I found his next two books more interesting than the first but not so much so that I wanted to read anymore beyond those two. But that’s my subjective opinion and I’m sure some people absolutely love his stuff.

It’s what set me on my path about 23 years ago at the age of 17. I swear by it. If you want to experience weird things, you can’t go wrong following his instructions. Inner silence and stop being an egotistical bitch. You can find all his books online for free very easily.

His school of sorcery is based entirely on what they call “seeing”. The first sorcerers of that lineage learned to see, and discovered that no one ever disagreed about what was seen. It’s impossible to be wrong about what you see, you can only be wrong about the conclusions you draw from seeing. Compared to what we normally think of the “real world”, no one can agree on anything, and concensus reality only defines the point at which people stop caring enough to argue.

They finally figured out that the world of seeing was actual reality, and what they previously thought real was only an illusion. If you have to act (and we do), better to base your actions on what is real rather than base them on bullshit. That’s the whole premise of his school of sorcery. Actions based on seeing. You don’t need to be a seer in order to practice.

There’s the question of whether Don Juan, his teacher, was real or not. It doesn’t really matter, the stuff he teaches works. I tend to think Don Juan was real, mainly because Castaneda was kind of an idiot. The moron wrote two whole books before he even began to understand what was being taught to him, which is why he covers the same time period again from the first two, going over it with his newfound magical knowledge in the third book. (funny part is, his popularity was gained from the first two books, probably because they focused on drugs)

His books are magical texts in the truest sense, in that new things reveal themselves almost every time you read them.

Good stuff Imo. There are a few other authors that cover practical applications of the information from their own expereince and give more perspectives on the info. Ken Eagle Feather, and Victor Sanchez to name a couple I find useful.

What I like best about this info is that it’s all about immersion and results. Most people take it to be the opposite, like reading a fantasy novel when they see Castenada’s work. Simply put, they surely didn’t try it out and expereince the results first hand.

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Yeah I agree with what a lot of people have said, it doesnt really matter if Castanedas books are true or not because from personal experience the stuff in them works, also I can tell you the inorganic beings are real too.

Castaneda’s books teach shamanism.

I’m not so sure. Never once in the books is the word “shamanism” used, it’s always referred to as sorcery. The people I’ve met who self identify as shamans generally have little to do with what’s being taught in those books.

Yeah, I did never think it is a shaman practice too when I have read it but I just found out that it is practiced in and is a basic foundation of magic practice in shamanism. After learning these core ability they find ease in expanding there knowledge.

The animal self there in is actually what we also call the spirit guide. As why it is seen as an animal, they choose things to be expressed to them in a more natural way than mythical.

Shamanism actually had long practiced all separated practices concerning magick. They already knew what we are trying to know and things that we can’t think are possible. They are like the real holders of wisdom.

Well I started reading the books last night and I saw the word Shaman a few times.

okey, we may have missed that. I actually only have read, “The Fire Within”.

he talks about it more in his early books if i remember correctly

I have quite a bit of experience with Castaneda’s works.

I agree with defectron, Narius, and The Cusp. From what I’ve experienced, not only does this stuff work, but it is some of the most advanced stuff that magic books talk about. You’ll need to read carefully to find the gems though, and usually they come in the form of don Juan’s words or Castaneda’s experiences. The question of validity is irrelevant; it works, and it works stronger than anything else I’ve found in print.

An example or three:

The very first experience I had relating to Castaneda was after reading four or so of his books in a week. Working from home and being self employed allows me this advantage. I was exhausted, at the point of not being able to stand. I passed out on my couch.

When I opened my eyes, after dreaming of the assemblage point, there was a spider on my couch.

I’m not talking about a regular spider. I’m talking about a ball of brown and black the size of my fingernail, with six legs that were sheer bone, no eyes, no mouth, nothing. The reason I classify it as a spider was that it “felt” like such. I blinked. The spider started moving across the other side of my couch, and scurried towards my hand before entering through the thumb, and disappearing.

I had just woken up. I was not in a trance. I was doing nothing. Certainly not dreaming.

I had been able to move my assemblage point slightly for a long time. Nothing major like a shapeshift but I’ve been able to “flip a switch” in terms of the technique and become slightly older, younger, smaller, larger, faster, slower, etc. and so forth. I don’t think it was major- imagine an invocation, except you’re not invoking anything except another permutation of your energies.

One day, I went fully to the “left” as it is referred to.

I can’t go into detail about everything that happened in that state of extraordinarily heightened perception, but I will say that a common occurrence was for me to hear the engine of a car and feel the vibrations from it travelling across the road from three blocks away. These weren’t minor perceptions, however- I could hear the engine as if I was standing next to it, and the vibrations were intense enough that I fell over at one point.

In the Castaneda books, the “allies” are discussed- spirits that sorcerers can tame by fighting them, physically (“wrangling” or “wrestling”), and that have roars as loud as thunder.

One night, I was ready to capture my own. I could feel it. So I continued reading on a clear, cloudless twilight.

At about midnight, maybe twenty minutes after, a clap of thunder pierced the air. I looked outside. Not a cloud in sight.

Four minutes later, it happened twice, with ten seconds in between.

One of my spirits, a large serpent I work with, physically materialized on the table before me, and shouted at me that it had arrived.

I found the ally waiting for me by a tree in my backyard. It was roughly seven feet tall, and a largely featureless humanoid save for its hole of a mouth and elongated, sharp skull.

Tackling it was like what I imagine being electrocuted is like. But, tackle it I did, and held on despite being put on a metaphorical electrical chair, and I held on for dear life. I had no idea what was going on, except that a seven foot tall spirit had materialized physically in my backyard with skin like lightning and challenged me by roaring and making me temporarily deaf.

When the feeling of death passed, I opened my eyes and found that I was on the ground. The spirit laid sprawled out on the ground in front of me.

“It is over,” it said in a person’s voice. It sounded like a middle aged man who was out of breath. “You have bested me.”

I’m not going to say what I do with said ally, but rest assured that it remains my strongest companion that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.